Children can be unpredictable and unreasonable at times, and parents have the difficult task of raising them to become decent, respectful human beings – but let’s face it: some kids are rude and downright disrespectful in public – especially during mealtime at a restaurant.

Anti-Social Behavior at Restaurants

The staff at McDonald’s have to constantly put up with numerous bad-mannered customers every single day

How many times have you gone out to enjoy a nice meal with friends or family, and all you hear in the background is the wailing of a child throwing a tantrum over his food?

But just when you thought that nothing could get worse than the kid shrieking in a restaurant and tossing handfuls of spaghetti at everyone within reach, wait till you read about some of the brattiest teenagers who created a havoc in McDonald’s and had to be escorted back into the fast food chain by their parents and the police to apologize to the manager and staff.

The staff at McDonald’s has bigger problems than the minimum wages they are paid – they actually have to put up with numerous bad-mannered customers with indecent social behavior.

Employees at McDonald’s have complained that customers in the drive-thru window often get impatient with the food delay and start verbally abusing them, and there have been rare instances of physical assault where a customer simply bangs at the window and even tries to hit the employees inside, calling them stupid, uneducated or taking jabs at their physical appearance.

McDonald’s chain in Manchester’s Middleton center 

Teenagers Create Havoc in McDonald’s

A similar incident occurred last week in one of the British fast food chains when a gang of teenagers ran amok inside the restaurant, misbehaving with other customers, the staff and even the manager.

The popular McDonald’s chain in Manchester’s Middleton center has had so many instances of abusive customers that the employees are compelled to wear body cameras to catch any evidence of social misconduct on tape and present it to the authorities if situation ever got out of hand.

So when a group of 10 teenagers ranging from ages 11-14 stormed into the fast food restaurants, their actions were caught on camera as evidence which served as a remarkable lesson that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Teenagers Even Spat at the Manager

Once the teenagers left the restaurant, the manger called the police and gave a detailed account of what had happened. According to him, the children and grabbed food from other tables and flung it around at the employees. The rubbish bins had also been raided and spilled all over the floor. When the manager tried to kick the mob out of his shop, the kids hurled abuses and even spat at him.

The police were given the video tape of the incident which was used to identify the teenagers who had run rampage through restaurant. After reviewing the footage and identifying the kids, the police spotted them once again on Tesco’s CCTV and their parents were finally brought into the station to have a chat with the authorities.

Parents March the Offenders Back to Apologize to Staff

The parents of the 10 teenagers were absolutely horrified upon seeing the footage as an evidence of their vile behavior. The suspects of the horrible abuse were also brought into the station and interviewed individually by the authorities to find out if any offense had been committed that day.

After finding out about the incident, the teenagers’ parents marched them back to the same McDonald’s restaurant and made them apologize to the staff and manager publicly. The authorities have also decided to involve the Youth Offending Team in the case to work with the children to help them improve their behavior and ensure that they never commit an offense again.

The police say that the incident will be used as a warning for any other children who dare to create a public disturbance of any sort. They are also looking further into the issue to determine if the teenagers’ spitting on the manager could be used as an assault offense. Parents have assured the staff as McDonald’s and the Police that the children will not be returning to the town center anytime soon – at least not until they improve their behavior.

How do you think these children should be punished for their actions?

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