Giving birth to your child is probably one of the most eagerly-anticipated events of your life. However, for the mother of Paul Joseph Fronczak, it became a real nightmare. Just as we think hospitals are one the safest places on earth, apparently, it’s not. Below, we follow the story of the abduction of Paul Joseph Fronczak when he was only 36 hours old. With no records and enough details, it became one of the most difficult cases in history. Discover who the real Paul Fronczak is, how he was stolen as a baby, and what else did they find out in the investigation.

One-Day-Old Baby Stolen From The Hospital

In 1964, a 36-hour-old baby named Paul Joseph Fronczak goes missing in Chicago hospital. The biggest manhunt began and the story became a huge topic of interest all over America. Two years after, still with no luck from the FBI, a toddler was found and identified in New Jersey as the missing Paul Fronczak. A couple of years later, as he grew up, Paul started questioning everything and started his own investigation. Later, a shocking series of details came to light.

Little Paul found mysterious boxes that would change his life forever. Find out what’s inside the box by clicking next. 

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