House Speaker Paul Ryan’s abrupt announcement last month, which confirmed that he will not be seeking reelection after the end of 2018, led to speculations that the already-intractable congress could be slipping from GOP’s hands, with the pendulum now slowly swinging in the Democrats’ favor, months before the mid-tern elections.

Last Wednesday, speaker of the House warned that Trump’s political career could suffer from a serious blow if Democrats won control over congress in November.

Paul Ryan (R) confirmed last month that he will not be running for reelection in December and plans to retire from his role as Speaker of the House

Fear of Midterm Elections

With the midterm elections fast approaching, the Republicans are fearful of losing House seats – or even House majority – to the Democrats which could pose a new set of challenges for the President of the United States and his party.

After Wisconsin Republican, Paul Ryan, announced his departure from Congress last month, putting GOP’s future after the midterm elections in grave danger, the house speaker has issued another warning that Democrats’ victory in the upcoming elections could result in ‘gridlock and partisan investigation’ against Donald Trump.

At the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills last Wednesday, Ryan said that the Democrat’s victory in either of the congress chambers could be detrimental for congress and shut down the entire system.

Although the Democrats need to overturn a total of 23 seats to win majority in the House, the likelihood of the scenario is quite high considering the slim 51-49 majority Republicans currently hold in the Senate. Political experts believe that it won’t be easy for Democrats to flip all 23 seats in the chamber since most of the contested positions in the midterms are in areas that are considered Republican strongholds.

Trump’s Future in the White House

The possibility of the Democrats regaining control of the chamber is particularly threatening for the current majority party’s future since it could lead to a more rigorous investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion case, which is currently being handled quiet leniently by a Republican-controlled Intelligence Agency.

The Intelligence Committee, which recently declared that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the potential collusion to keep the investigation running, has been intensely criticized by the Democrats, who, according to Speaker Ryan, are more than enthusiastic to gain control of the investigation and find a reason to get the president impeached.

At his retirement announcement, 48-year-old Ryan (R) said that spending more time with his kids and family is one of the biggest motivation behind his decision

According a recent New York Times story, the republicans are planning to get the conservatives out to vote in the midterms by scaring them that if the democrats gain control of the House, there is a high risk of the President getting impeached.

Speaker Ryan is confident that GOP will be successful in retaining its seats due to certain favorable laws introduced by the administration including the tax reform law, fewer regulations, increase in employment rates. House Speake, who praised Donald Trump at the conference said that the President has truly ‘shaken up the status quo’ in the political arena although he would advise him to take it easy with his tweeting habit.

A Family Man

The departure of 48-year-old Ryan, who was once considered the future of the party, comes at a turning moment for the House Republicans who could lose their majority in the senate in the next few months. Speaker Ryan admitted several times in the past that being at the top of the house could prove to be a challenging job for him, especially since he never really wanted it in the first place.

 Ryan said that he didn’t want his kids to know him as the ‘weekend dad’

At the time of his appointment in 2015 by key strategists who saw in him the ability to bring together activist wings and the party’s establishment, Ryan made it clear that he didn’t want his job to get in the of his family life and requested that he be given weekends off to return back home to his children.

Even at them time of his retirement announcement at the Capitol, he admitted to have missed out on a lot of crucial moments in his kids’ lives because of his job. He wanted to rescind from his role in politics and spend more time with his family.

But, even after his retirement as speaker of the House, Ryan plans to continue playing a role in steering his party’s future. He told the press at his retirement announcement that he has many plans for GOP which he intends to explain at a later time.

Do you think the Democrats will be able to get Trump impeached if they win majority in the House?

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