Covering your laptop camera with a tape sounds like the equivalent of putting a tin foil hat on your head, but if someone like Mark Zuckerberg is doing it, then there must be a good reason behind this strange technological paranoia.

Zuckerberg’s Bizarre Security Measure

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Employees have reported that Facebook CEO keeps the microphone and the camera on his laptop covered with a tape so that no one can hear or see him. Does this bizarre behavior stem from paranoia or is someone after one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs? Well, it could be a bit of both.

But just because you’re not as rich or famous as Zuckerberg doesn’t mean that someone isn’t watching your every single move through the technology you use whether it be the camera and microphone on your laptop or the GPS system you use on your phone.

A growing number of tech users are following in the footsteps of Facebook’s CEO by coming up with their own DIY hacks to disable the camera and microphone on their personal computers to protect their privacy. But the truth is that even if a hacker does invade the security system on your computer, they may never be able to obtain access to the webcam or microphone.

Strange Accoutrements on the Laptop of Facebook CEO

Zuckerberg accidentally revealed his strange paranoia in a recent post on Facebook meant to celebrate a big milestone for reaching almost half a billion active Instagram users per month. The light-hearted photo showed the CEO holding an Instagram UI frame around him, but hidden in plain sight was Zuckerberg’s laptop which was barely visible in the background – but nothing can escape the eyes of the internet.

It seems like the popular entrepreneur is taking every security measure possible to ensure that no one can find him or track his activity on the computer

People quickly noticed something strange about the CEO’s device: there was a thick piece of tape covering the webcam and the microphone of the computer. This proved that Zuckerberg shares the technological paranoia with millions of people around the world who don’t feel safe around tech devices.

Another strange accoutrement pointed out in a news report by Gizmodo is a geeky email client being used by the Facebook CEO called the Thunderbird. Unlike Gmail and Outlook, Thunderbird is an opensource email platform used by a much smaller group of people around the world. The website was created by Mozilla, which is also the creator of Firefox, but it never really took off due to competition from other reliable companies.

Other users on the internet believe that what can be seen on Zuckerberg’s computer isn’t really Thunderbird but a VPN service called Cisco that lets you browse the web anonymously.

Should You Do the Same?

Many other users are starting to think that if Mark Zuckerberg is paranoid about his security then the threat from technology must be real, and, what’s more, he is not the only one who is taping up the camera and microphone on his computer.

James Comey, the director of FBI, admits that he too keeps the webcam on his computer covered with a tape ever since he saw Zuckerberg doing it. He said that the CEO of Facebook is much smarter than him and have a sound understanding of technology and cyber security.

According to James Comey, the FBI chairman, if Zuckerberg can be paranoid about his security on the internet, then everyone else has a reason to be afraid of the technology around them

Several manufacturers have begun selling stickers for webcams, and one company called EFF says that they sell thousands of them every month. Many security experts think that covering the camera and microphone on the computer is definitely a smart thing to do since we have no idea what kind of technology the hackers have developed to invade one’s privacy.

It is highly probable that a number of advanced hackers are currently trying to target Zuckerberg’s security due his public persona but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should become complacent, thinking that nobody should have a reason to target our computers. Some hackers love to sneak into the private lives of others as a way to pass their time which means that anyone can become a target of privacy invasion. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do you keep your webcam covered with a tape like the CEO of Facebook?

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