Life after death is an age-old mystery that no one has ever been able to solve. What really happens to us after we die? Is there something waiting for us at the other side of this life or does our entire existence come to a screeching halt and our souls simply fade into nothingness? Or perhaps we start our circle of life once again, our souls reborn inside the body of a crying infant.

People have different beliefs and theories about life after death but no one knows for certain what really happens. All we have are the experiences from people who came back to life after being pronounced medically dead – and surprisingly, none of the stories so far have any similarities in them.

Flipping Through Pages of Life

A man seeing a bright light in front of him

One man, who was pronounced dead for several minutes after he bled out during a surgery, said that when he woke up on the other side, it felt like he was floating in air, but there was nothing but darkness around him. He didn’t feel cold or uncomfortable; on the contrary, a state of peacefulness had taken over his entire body. He could see a light in the distance and knew that love awaited him, but he was in no rush to get to it.

Instead he took his time to think over his life as if he was going through a book, where important memories stood out as snippets as he flipped through the pages. When he came back to life, he knew that he had to make most of the life he had left without fearing death.

Seeing a Loved One

One reddit user named Schneidah7 described his near-death experience as a visit from a loved one who had passed away several years ago. He wrote that after an unfortunate bike accident, the paramedics had declared him dead before he could even reach the hospital.

As he flew off his bike and hit the hard pavement, things started to fade for Schneidah7 and he slowly began drifting into the dark nothingness. Suddenly, he heard someone call his name, shouting at him to wake up. As he opened his eyes, he saw his brother, who had died several years ago, standing in front of him.

Like Walking Through a Garden

A carefully-curated garden

While many people described their near-death experience as floating through the darkness, one woman, who had momentarily faded out after drowning, said that she felt like she was walking in a beautiful garden with a scenic view. She saw roses and green grass everywhere she looked and two children played on a merry-go-round in a playground nearby.

The woman said that a part of her wanted to stay while another one wanted to go back to her old life and see her mother once again. Suddenly, something snapped and she felt her soul entering her body once again.

Like Hitting the Snooze Button on an Alarm

Conveniently named TheDeadManWalks, one reddit user said that after receiving chemotherapy sessions for months, his cancer got worse and he started bleeding uncontrollably due to a Clostridium difficile infection. He remembered catching glimpses of life after death as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

He felt a sense of calm take over him and he almost wanted to stay in that peaceful state forever, but he knew that his life wasn’t over yet and he needed to find a way back to his body. He explained that it felt like hitting the snooze button on a 7 a.m. alarm, wanting to sleep more, but at the same time, knowing that work awaits.

Nothing Happens After Death

Empty Bed at a Hospital

While some people experienced seeing their loved ones or walking through beautiful gardens, others said that they saw nothing extraordinary after they were pronounced dead for a short period of time.

One reddit user said that after having a heart attack, his heart stopped beating thrice, and every time the doctors would bring him back to life, he would tell them a knock-knock joke. Another user said that death felt like the lights had suddenly gone out and he had fallen asleep.

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

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