Every kid loves playing video games, and some still do even when they grew up into adults. Who wouldn’t want to play video games, right? It’s a great way to unwind after a stressful day at school or at work, and is also a great way to bond with friends or just have fun. When we were kids, surely your parents must have told you that “you shouldn’t waste your time playing video games and do something else more productive”, or something of the sort, right? Parents think that playing games is just a waste of time that you could spend on other, more productive things like studying but today, you can actually earn some money by playing games and even become insanely rich if you’re really good at it. Here are 4 ways to earn a quick buck from playing video games. Now that’s living the dream!

As A Video Game Tester

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Earning money as a video game tester isn’t always a fun job to do.

Earning a living by testing and playing games that aren’t even released yet! That may sound like the perfect job, but it isn’t all fun and games (pun intended). There are a lot of openings for game testers from game studios and companies but it isn’t actually a high-paying job, and it even gets boring. Believe it or not, playing a video game can get boring, especially if you have to repeat a specific part of the game over and over again in order to find bugs and glitches. A game testers job isn’t actually to play a game in order to judge if it’s fun and entertaining, but actually to find bugs and glitches, which could be really repetitive. But hey, at least you’re earning a living by playing games.

By Streaming Game Videos

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Video streaming could be a dream job if you enjoy playing games and have stable Internet connection.

Watching other people play video games has become almost as famous as playing the games. There are a lot of famous video game streamers thanks to websites such as Twitch.tv where people can upload their game videos and where other people can watch other people play games. You can actually earn a decent amount of money from streaming and famous streamers have actually become rich. If your videos get a lot of views then you are able to earn advertisement royalties. But being a famous video game streamer isn’t exactly easy. You have to be really good at playing a game or at least really funny or entertaining. You also need to talk a lot and commentate throughout the entire video which is mandatory for most sites.

Sell Your Video Game Account / Character

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When you develop a great character you can sell it for good money on various forums.

 Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG are one of the most popular types of video games there is. You are able to play with millions of players all over the world. You can play and make friends at the same time. In MMORPGs, the most important thing is to level up your character in order to become strong. A lot of time and effort is needed to become a top-class player, and only a few people will be able to reach the top. Most people reach the top through hard work, but others could get there with money. If you are a top-class player and have an account with a lot of strong characters and rare equipment, then you could decide to sell your account. It is a good way to make quick cash if you ever get tired of the game or you’re in need of some money.

Playing Competitively

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Competing in video games can earn you big money.

eSports are becoming more and more popular, and one day, eSports players might become as famous as athletes from other sports. If you love playing video games and want to become rich and famous then choose a competitive game like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, or League of Legends, and then play competitively. Joining big tournaments is where the big money is. The Dota 2 world tournament, The International is known for having the highest prize pool in the history of gaming, with the 2015 International having a prize pool of over $18 million, only to be top by the 2016 International with an over $20 million prize. It may not be easy to earn this kind of money through gaming; you’d need a lot of time, effort, and skill, but if you are able to become a top-class player, you’d be able to earn millions of dollars.

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