Entering the workforce industry when you’re still a fresh graduate with no working experience can be very difficult. You need to undergo a scrutinizing screening process to get selected by your prospect company. You need to pass their examination, pass the HR or employer interview, among other things. Not to mention that you also need to demonstrate your skills and abilities in order to gain an advantage over your competitors. To put it simply, you need to possess excellent skills and impressive communication ability and attitude in order to land your dream job.

However, what we don’t realize is that landing a job is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s just the beginning of our challenging journey as we go through our career ladder. You need to prove to your boss and client that you’re able to deliver the performance output they expect from you. Aside from that, you also need to establish a good working relationship with your co-workers. If you’re wondering what qualities you should possess in order to become a good employee, then this one is for you. We’ve compiled these top soft skills most employers seek from their employees in order to establish a long-term working relationship with them. It’ll also help you retain your job for as long as possible.

Be Responsible

Most employers want their employees to be responsible at all times. This means that you should be accountable in the task assigned to you and you should meet your end as expected. You must do your best to be productive and complete the tasks or projects assigned to you. Of course, your responsibility doesn’t end there. If there are some mistakes or mishaps in your project, your employer expects from you to be responsible and accountable for it. We know it’s hard for our ego to admit our mistakes, or even if we’ve committed one.

However, employers prefer their employees to be honest with them. Sure, they’ll be angry at first, but they will appreciate your honesty because it signifies that you held accountable for the mishaps and you’re accepting it. You’re not playing the victim or blame card. You’re responsible enough to admit your mistake and fix it.

Be Respectful

No matter how much experience you have in the workforce, your employer wants you to be respectful to the other person, no matter what rank or position they’re in. Your employer doesn’t only expect you to be respectful only towards them. They also want you to be respectful to your co-workers too. They want you to treat your co-workers and respect their rights, insights, and opinions as a fellow human being. If a person has a lower rank than you, they still expect you to be polite and respectful with them. If your opinions, thoughts, or principles clash in a particular topic or discussion, they expect you to treat it with the utmost respect and not catcall or bully them for it. Why? It’s because establishing a harmonious relationship with your co-workers is the key to become more productive. It also helps you avoid the working stress as you deal with your co-workers.

Be Hard Working

Of course, your employer expects you to be hard-working too. Just remember that you’re hired because they need your skills and expertise to perform the job well. So they expect you to be productive and deliver the output they need from you. Remember, they paid for your services, so it’s only natural for you to return the favor. Of course, being a hard-working employee isn’t only limited to your output performance.

They’ll also curious if you’re open to explore new things and expand your knowledge. If there’s something you’re not familiar with, are you willing to take the extra mile just to learn and acquire a new skill? Are you willing to undergo a training or seminar? Most employers want to know that you’re not only a hard working person but you’re also willing to be trained to become more productive.

Be Helpful

One for All, All for One. You Can Accomplish Your Project Earlier and Faster If You Have Teamwork

One for All, All for One. You can accomplish your project earlier and faster if you are a part of the team.

In a company, you should know that teamwork is the key to productivity. One man can’t-do it all alone and even the boss himself needs the help of others in order to lead a successful business. Hence, they hire people in the first place. That’s why it’s important not only to have a harmonious relationship with your team but also to be able to work as a team. One way of improving each other’s productivity is to help your team. If you see a teammate or co-worker of yours struggling in a particular task, and you know how to do it right, don’t hesitate to reach out and help them. It will make things easier and faster for both of you to accomplish task or project. If you’re the one who’s in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. You need to realize that ego will get you nowhere, it’ll only interfere with your work.

Give Credits Properly

Now that your team is able to help each other in order to accomplish a certain task or project, it’s also important for you to give credits properly. As a leader of the team, don’t just say that the success of the team lies on you. As a sign of respect and gratitude, you need to acknowledge every effort your team had contributed to the success of your project, no matter how small it is. Being able to appreciate efforts and acknowledge your co-worker’s contribution will help boost their confidence, enabling all of you to work harder to become more productive.

Be Ethical

Be Calm and Professional No Matter What Challenges You Face At Work

Be calm and professional no matter what challenges you are facing at work

Last but definitely not the least, always practice professionalism and be mindful of your working ethics at all times. Don’t be late for work. Wear the proper dress code. Be polite when addressing your boss and co-workers. Handle any criticisms or negative feedback with calmness and identify the problem objectively, then try your best to fix it. Always observe your company’s rules and regulations.

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