Die-hard Game of Thrones fans could have their hearts broken, especially if they secretly wished for Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow King in the North to be together, not only in the epic mainstream fantasy Game of Thrones but in a real life too. It seems this is not the case because Emilia Clarke didn’t fall for Kit Harington (or vice versa) but Harington rather fell in love with Ygritte, played by Rose Leslie and they are set to tie the knot very soon.

How Their Real-life Fairytale begun

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie's First Appearance Together in Game of Thrones

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s First Appearance Together in Game of Thrones

Of course, it’s no-brainer that they’ve first met on the Game of Thrones set and they’ve played their roles respectively being a couple for at least three seasons. In season 2 of the show, we all know that Jon Snow ventured beyond the Wall and met Ygritte in the process, who was a member of the Free Folk. Jon Snow decided to live with them in order to carry out his mission to spy on the Night’s Watch. However, he eventually fell in love with Ygritte while doing so.

Their Steamy Love Scene On Screen

Their Love Scene On Screen

Just by watching them playing scenes together, we’ve witnessed their undeniable chemistry as well as the tension between them. Who can forget their steamy love scene together?  Ever since then, the rumors kept on speculating about their “on” and “off” relationship, but we cannot really confirm nor deny any allegations, because both superstars are very private when it comes to their love life. In fact, Kit Harington cryptically warned the media about it in one of his interviews:

“On a serious level, I wouldn’t tell the press if I was in a relationship or not. I wouldn’t ever reveal that, because it takes you down a certain road… I have no desire to be courting the press with my love life. It’s not my job, it’s not who I am — and I actually think it’s more fun for everyone to speculate. The minute I start telling people things are true or not true, then it’s just boring.”

However, most of their fans still rooted for them to stay together (although some of them already had gone stray to board the Jonaerys ship).

For years, the media tried to follow and uncover the true relationship status of the two stars. Some sources would confirm that they’re still together while some void the idea and said that they split up. We only gathered one reliable source with their co-star Emilia Clarke, who confirmed that they’re indeed in a relationship. You can recall and watch the video below:

“My goodness! You know, we like to spread the love on our show. It’s a beautiful thing. She’s one of my best friends, so it’s good.” – said Emilia Clarke.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Finally Admitted their Relationship

The Couple Went Out in Public For the First Time Together, Confirming their Rumored Relationship

The Couple appeared in Public For the First Time Together, Confirming their Rumored Relationship

Loyal fans of the two were ecstatic when they finally confirmed their relationship status last year. In April 2016, Leslie and Harington stepped onto the red carpet for the first time together, going public for the first time as a couple. Thus, confirming their long-rumored relationship. Harington also confirmed the two were in a relationship in an interview followed by Vogue Italia. He was asked what his favorite memory of filming Game of Thrones, and he said that it happened in Iceland during Season 3.

“Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love,” he said. “If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it’s becomes very easy to fall in love.”

Oh how sweet and lovely to hear these words, isn’t it? Way to go Jon!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Starts searching for an Apartment to move in Together

Speculations about engagement further blossomed when the couple was spotted hunting apartments together. Harington also seemed open about this as he confirmed their living plans together. Finally, their fans were ecstatic to hear that their engagement was finally official. The world was shocked to hear about their engagement in London newspaper The Times.

The wedding details have yet to be confirmed. Are you excited about the news? Let us know all about it!

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