Movies are not only places that one can find the rags to riches story. Some of the most successful and richest people in the world did not begin their life with the affluence they presently have.

They began spending their nights sleeping on streets, using their cars and even couches in the homes of their friends. We will be talking about some famously rich individuals that were homeless at one time but made it big by a quirk of fate.

These famously rich individuals did not stumble upon a fortune but had to work their way up from humble beginnings. They presently have everything they want and more and are leading lives which more people would envy.

Who are the famously rich individuals that began life humbly?

James Cameron

James Cameron’s passion to be a director made him a millionaire.

When preparing the script for The Terminator James Cameron was barely able to make ends meet and was living in his car for quite some time. Cameron wasn’t just interested in making money at that time but was determined to direct his movie despite his limited experience.

He faced a major hurdle when he presented the script of the movie production companies that liked the script but did not favor him being in charge of the direction. Cameron however persevered and eventually partnered with Gale Anne Hurd, the producer who purchased the rights to the screenplay for $1 but named Cameron as the director. This was perhaps the decision that made Cameron one of the famously rich on this list because the movie generated $77 million globally.

Jim Carrey

The biography of Jim Carrey states that he dropped out of high school and lived in a VW bus, along with his family, which used to be parked in various places throughout Canada. Eventually, the family moved into a tent on the lawn of his sister, after parking the van in the driveway. Carrey was humorous enough to mention that the difficult financial times he faced when growing up allowed him to develop his sense of humor.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry lived in a homeless shelter during her early 20s

Halle Berry is an Oscar winner but she was once living in a homeless shelter during her early 20s. She moved to New York when she was 21 to become an actress but ran out of money and her mother decided it would be better not to send her any more cash.

Berry had to stay in a homeless shelter during this period. She mentioned in an interview to Reader’s Digest that the difficult days taught her to take care of herself and that she could look through any situation, despite it requiring her to live in a shelter for a small period of time.

It also gave her an understanding of how to live within her means even when they were meager. It made her make the beginning with the knowledge that she could always do things her own way.

Phil McGraw [Dr. Phil]

Dr. Phil is a talk show host who was once living in a car with his father. When Phil McGraw was 12, he was living in a car with his father in Kansas City because they were homeless and his father was interning to be a psychologist.

MacGraw thereafter obtained a bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. before joining the psychological practice of his father in Texas. McGraw made an appearance on the show hosted by Oprah Winfrey during the 90s, going on to become a regular on the show. MacGraw ultimately launched a syndicated advice program by himself.

Suze Orman

Susie Orman cleared trees for $3.50 an hour before becoming a millionaire

Orman is better known as the Emmy-winning financial advisor. She has published bestsellers for the New York Times but it was unaffordable for her to move out of her van when she initially moved to Berkeley, California during the 70s. Orman and a friend obtained the job of clearing trees for $3.50 an hour while using Orman’s van as their place of residence. She is presently a multimillionaire.

Daniel Craig

The man who always mentioned “My Name Is Bond, James Bond” may have several movies that have been acclaimed on his resume but before he could adopt his signature line 007, Craig spent nights sleeping on park benches in London and not in the luxurious hotels, as depicted in his movies. During the early days of his career, Craig also waited on tables which may have given him a taste of the ‘vodka martini, shaken not stirred.’

Harry Houdini

Houdini Left home at age of 12 to become the greatest magician in the world.

Houdini was just 12 when he left home prior to becoming the greatest magician in the world. Houdini was determined to become a magician and, therefore, chose to board a freight car and wound up in Missouri. He moved back to New York City with his father after a few years but poverty made Houdini to Panhandle on the streets. Houdini eventually began his professional career as a magician at the age of 17. The rest is history.

As it can be seen, many famously rich individuals had lived with humble beginnings but somehow managed to develop their stature to become the figures they presently are.

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