Megan Markle has only been engaged to U.K.’s Prince Harry for a few months now but the American actress, who will soon become a part of the British royal family, is already being compared to late Princess Diana in her affectionate demeanor – and even Harry himself has said in an interview that if his mother was alive, she and Megan would become best friends.

Meghan Markle is already being compared to late Princess Diana in her affectionate demeanor

A New Addition to the Royal Family

Prince Harry, fifth-in-line to the throne, surprised the world with the announcement in November that he was engaged to Suits actress Meghan Markle and the two are expected to tie the knot on May 19 this year. The couple sat down for their first interview together aired on BBC News where the Prince revealed that he had decided to propose to Meghan during their stay at Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace.

The actress said that she was taken by surprise and was overwhelmed with joy to see Harry get down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. The best part of their proposal was that the engagement ring was designed by the Prince himself and was of extremely sentimental value. The diamonds in the ring had been taken from the jewelry collection of late Princess Diana, who was Harry and William’s mother.

A Humanitarian at Heart – Just Like Diana

Markle and Lady Diana are seen to have certain similarities in their humanitarian personalities and taste in fashion. 

When asked during an interview how Dianna would feel about his decision to marry Markle, Harry said that he was one hundred per cent certain that his mother would be joyous to hear the news – and why wouldn’t she? After all, there are subtle similarities between the late Princess and Markle which have drawn the world’s attention – including Prince Harry’s – to this American beauty.

Although the two women come from different backgrounds, Markle and Lady Diana do have certain similarities in their personalities and taste in fashion. Moreover, Meghan is extremely dedicated to humanitarian work – something that Princess Diana was widely known and praised for.

The world has only recently discovered Meghan Markle through her numerous public appearances with beau Prince Harry, but Britain seems to have already fallen in love with the soon-to-be duchess. The Suits actress has been described as extremely smart, independent and down-to-earth, and the way she conducts herself in public is a testimony of that.

From the very first public appearance she made last year in Nottingham, Meghan proved that she was going to be a people’s princess, just like Diana herself. The actress was seen chatting with the crowd and leaning in to greet her well-wishers who had gathered to get a glimpse of the woman who had won Prince Harry’s heart.

People’s Princess

Markle seems to be following in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps winning hearts with her warm nature

Princess Diana was known for her affectionate nature. She would often go into the crowds, talk to people and even offer her hand as a way to connect with them. In 1987, she was photographed shaking a patient’s hand in U.K.’s first HIV unit which she helped open. Now, Markle seems to be following in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps and winning hearts of the locals with her charming smile and warm nature.

During her third royal engagement with soon-to-be husband, Markle was greeted by huge crowds outside Cardiff’s historic castle. The couple arrived a little late due to a track fault which delayed their train by an hour, but the people who had arrived at the location early in the morning to grab the perfect spot to greet the royal couple, didn’t mind the wait. Several locals shrieked as Markle arrived at the castle, some leaned over to give her a hug, and one man even asked for her hand so that he could kiss it.

Inside the historic castle, the royal couple were the special guests for a Welsh festival featuring a number of musical and sports events. The two also traveled to the city’s community and leisure centers to promote the benefits of sports as a social development tool and see how these centers are making an effort to make recreational sports more accessible to young people around the city.

Could Meghan Markle Become the New Princess Diana?

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