Americans Trying to Understand What Happened During The 2016 Elections

The results of the 2016 presidential election are known to every individual in America. However many Americans are still trying to understand What Happened, despite the results declaring Donald Trump as the winner of a closely contested election. What Happened is the title of the new book by the presidential nominee of the Democrats Hillary Clinton which has hit the shelves just last week, but has sold in excess of 300,000 copies according to information provided by the publisher Simon & Shuster. The sales have already broken some records during the first week.

The hardcover version of the book What Happened recorded sales of 168,000 copies [at $17.99]during its first week after being introduced as mentioned by NPD Bookscan. The sales of e-books at $14.99, CDs at $25.94 and digital audio at $23.95 or free with audible prescription together accounted for the rest of the sales to reach the figure of 300,000 copies.

Impressive Statistics Registered by What Happened

“What Happened” Is Presently The Bestseller With over 300,000 Purchases By People

Sales statistics released by Simon & Schuster provided information What Happened had recorded the best week ever in digital audio sales for the publishing company. The company also mentioned the sales of e-books in a week were higher than any nonfiction titles published by Simon & Schuster, ever since the publication of Steve Jobs biography in 2011.

The title What Happened has already gone back to the press three times in one week, says the publisher, also mentioning that a total of 800,000 copies of the title are currently being printed. What Happened has also been rising in sales on the Amazon bestsellers list at a surprising pace matching every step of the new self-help book by Tom Brady, The TB 12 Method.

Singular Perception Of Hillary Clinton Of the 2016 Election Sought after By Readers

Much has been written and discussed over the last year, but there seems to be an overwhelming desire among people to get the singular perception of the presidential candidate of the Democrats Hillary Clinton and of the historic events leading to the 2016 election. This was a statement delivered by the president and CEO of Simon & Schuster Carolyn Reidy.

Hillary Clinton Questions What Happened

The curiosity among readers can be well understood because the outcome of the election delivered a result that was unfathomable by most. Various stories of hacking during the election and the furious debates between the two presidential nominees had been seen and heard by Americans. Was this the most controversial presidential election in America during the recent times? One can continue debating on this subject and even make individual conclusions. The title What Happened will provide readers with the perception of the Democratic candidate which could satisfy their desire for first-hand information.

The Republicans are certain to debate What Happened and even provide counter views of their own. President Trump may or may not have the best ratings until this date, but the president has certainly ruffled a few feathers during his initial months in the office. Pres. Trump had made a commitment “To Make America Great Again” and the readers would be looking for the Democratic perspective of how he intends to accomplish his objective. The readers could be trying to understand from Hillary Clinton What Happened, during the election which led to an unfavorable result.

Will “What Happened” Satisfy The Curiosity Of Readers?

Will the readers be satisfied by the singular perception provided by Hillary Clinton in What Happened? Will they develop a singular perception of their own after reading the book? Will Pres. Trump also decide to tell what happened during the election? A number of questions will be raised by readers and critics alike, but at the very least, readers have the benefit of understanding What Happened during the 2016 election from the perspective of Democrats.

The Associated Press has mentioned that the first week’s sales of What Happened have overtaken the sales of the last book by Hillary Clinton during the first week. The first book spoke about the time Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, which has already been shadowed, but this book still falls short of the sales figure of the 2003 memoir, which spoke about the highly publicized affair of Bill Clinton along with Monica Lewinsky.

Simon & Schuster have already begun preparing for the next generation of readers, keen on getting information about the Clintons. They have just published a picture book version of the title by Clinton from 2006, It Takes a Village.

Simon & Schuster seem to have done a great job and are also delving into the past to publish picture books of earlier versions of the titles by Hillary Clinton. Readers now seem to be very interested in What Happened, as the book attracted a lot of attention.

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