In one way or another, you have stumbled upon on an Apple device. Even if you are not an owner of one, we’re sure you are familiar with the new iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and iMacs that come out each year. Apple is undeniably one the biggest and most valuable tech companies of our modern society. Being an Apple user is truly rewarding and it can make you feel like you are one step closer to the latest technology.

A lot of people don’t really mind the specific details when it comes to their gadgets. Some just want to be able to say that they have an Apple product but, did you know there are ways you can follow to maximize your value as an Apple customer? Some former employees of Apple were kind enough to spill some juicy secrets that might be very helpful for your next purchase.

Replace Instead Of Repair

Many people unintentionally drop their phone every minute. In many occasions,  they need to go to the Apple store for a pricey repair. Since an employee said that the iPhone 6 camera slowly distorts your image, you can actually use that reason in order to get a free replacement when you bring in your cracked phone. You sign a legal document before being able to have your device sent for repair so think twice before you attempt to get away with something.

Employees Are Very Smart

When you walk into an Apple store, employees are the friendliest people on earth. Don’t be too quick to judge because these employees are very smart and not gullible. They know when you lie and make excuses for what really happened to your device. One person already said his device was damaged after being abducted by aliens while another customer said that his laptop had “water” damage where in fact, it was damaged by a clear/gooey substance that we’re pretty sure wasn’t related to water…

Also, if you talk to a Specialist employee rather than one of the Geniuses, odds are that they will sell you unnecessary add-on or the highest GB available. However, at the end of the day, Apple employees have to remain professional no matter what—even if they find your “private” photos during a data migration.

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Have you ever watched Jim Carrey’s movie, Yes Man, wherein “no” wasn’t in his vocabulary? Same thing goes for Apple employees for they are not really supposed to say “no” to their customers. But don’t be silly, they won’t say yes when you ask if they can give you an iPhone or MacBook for free.

Open Entry For Robbers?

Apple stores are known for having devices and products just lying around or are in easy-reach for the customers. Their devices don’t really have security tags, so robbers might feel free to take a risk. If you’re one of them who is planning to rob an Apple store, you can try your best to snag one of these devices but rest assured that the store itself has numerous security tricks up its sleeve.

What It Takes To Wear An Apple On Your Chest

How does one become an Apple employee you may ask? Some of them say that becoming an employee is even harder than applying for an Ivy League school. Even just scoring an interview would be tough, but, if you can get a referral from someone who is already working for them, then it’s your lucky day.

Apple employees don’t really know that much when it comes to the latest technologies and new products of the company. Employees also seldom get discounts but they are rewarded with a plaque by the Apple CEO when they reach the 5-year and 10-year mark of working with the company.

Customer 101

Yes, you are treasured as an Apple customer but you should also know how to treat the employees and store with respect. Some customers think they will get prioritized when they raise their tone at employees. This doesn’t do anything good because employees choose to shrug off the problems of disrespectful customers.

One common problem customers have is when they have to wait a long time in the store even if they already booked an appointment. You’ll really need a lot of patience because appointments at the Apple store are usually triple booked. Don’t worry because you can roam around the store and play with any device for as long as you want. They only have one rule: Don’t Stink!

At the rate Apple is going, we bet this company would still be making a crazy amount of money 20-50 years from now. Well, that’s if a zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen. *fingers crossed*. We hope this list was a big help to you and we’re sure your next Apple experience would be 10x more exciting.

Now that you know Apple’s secrets, how would you act different?

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