You don’t often hear about criminals getting royalty treatment behind bars so when one serial killer admitted in his letter to a friend that he feasts on steaks, lamb legs and kippers every day in prison, it was bound to become international news.

Who is Levi Bellfield?

Levi Bellfield has had trouble with the law ever since he was little. In 1981, he was convicted with burglary while he still a child, and that led to a string of petty crimes adding to his rap sheet. In 2002, he received another major conviction for assaulting a police officer which put him behind bars for one year.

The intensity of his convictions escalated after he was released, and he graduated from committing petty crimes to a string of heinous murders and serious offenses against women. Police officers who interrogated him, described his character as cunning and evil.

One of the detectives who interviewed him before he was convicted with murder charges, said that Bellfield could easily disguise the truth with banter and light humor as he was best friends with the police – but as soon as the conversation would take a serious turn, his violent nature would begin to reflect through his words.

A Dangerous Serial Killer

Levi Bellfield, the murderer of schoolgirl Milly Dowler

Bellfield has now been awarded a prison sentence for lifetime due to a series of murders he had committed in the past. The convict had been described as a predator who targeted women – mostly the ones with blond hair – and end their lives in a brutal manner. Until 2002, he had killed three women, and if he hadn’t been caught, he may have committed his fourth murder.

In the police report, it said that Levi Bellfield had occasionally lost his temper during the investigation regarding the murders and would often say that he was gift from God and women needed to be punished for rejecting him. The three women he murdered were namely Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange and his fourth victim was Kate Sheedy who miraculously escaped from his clutches and was saved from the killer.

Feasting Like a King in Prison

Now, finally behind bars for the unforgivable crimes, you would think that Levi Bellfield has a lifetime to regret his actions and get punished for his wrongdoings. But in reality, the serial killer is far from feeling any repentance. On the contrary, he is living his best life, receiving all the luxuries that even most people outside prison don’t have access to. The 49-year-old convict penned his experiences behind bars in a letter to close friend, bragging about the luxurious life he gets to live in his cozy little prison cell.

Bellfield told his pen pal that apart from having his very own television set, an Xbox and a PlayStation, he is frequently treated to lavish meals consisting of his favorite foods. He boasted that while other inmate eats the sickening jail food, he feasts on lamb legs and expensive cuts of steak, which in his words, is considered ‘proper food’.

So how does he afford all these luxuries while being in a heavily guarded prison? He explained in the letter that the private wealth that he had accumulated while he was out committing crimes, is what he is using to pay for everything.

Bellfield told his pen pal that he has his very own television set, an Xbox and a PlayStation, and is frequently treated to lavish meals 

Even an Entire Cell to Himself

In the letter, Bellfield also gave an account of his previous inmate, 65-year-old Charles Bronson who targets other male prisoners and terrorizes them. While he was still at the Wakefield Prison, Bellfield’s cell was right next to Bronson’s which made him fear for his safety. Later, he was transferred to Frankland jail from where he wrote the letter under his Islamic name, Yusuf Rahim. He said that even in prison, he had access to Halal meat and he often gets to cook his own meals, which he prefers.

The man who had been described by the judge at the time of his ruling as a ‘pitiless killer told his pen pal that while most inmates had to share prison cells, he had one all to himself because he didn’t want anyone else to use his television set or other fancy gadgets.

Should prisons have more rigorous regulations to ensure that the wealthy criminals don’t go unpunished?

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