There are everyday items that seem inexplicably expensive like razor blades and printer ink. However, we are here to help you to spend less on them when you do have to buy them.

Window Treatments – Curtains, blinds, coverings – whichever you choose, it seems like it costs way too much. Just one simple decision—to cover your windows so no one can see inside your home—can end up costing an entire fortune. Try to save on these by following some of the advice from the

Wedding flowers

When people talk about weddings, they always mention how expensive the flowers are. But since the wedding in question is not yours, you can not be aware just how costly that really is. Thousands of dollars go on flowers, but why?

Because it is not just the price of the material itself, but also a lot of labor. To get flowers cheaper, choose flowers with real stems. Don’t use elaborate centerpieces. Limit the variety and choose flowers that thrive in your climate. Plus, if you are really confident in your DIY skills, you can try and make everything yourself. That will be the ultimate money-saver.


Deciding to update your interior design is ‘painful’ when it includes new rugs. Discount furniture and art are everywhere, but no matter what, rugs are always a few hundred dollars or more. Plus, the bigger the rug, the higher the price. In order to save your wallet from pain, start looking on Amazon, Rugs USA, Wayfair, IKEA, Target, and HomeGoods. Here, you can find some great rugs that will not leave you broke.

Printer Ink

You bought a super cheap printer, but now that it’s time to change the ink, you realize that it is more expensive than the printer was in the first place. But why? Well, it seems that it’s not the ink that is expensive, but the technology behind it, inside the cartridge itself. When buying a printer, find a tri-color ink cartridge, and when the time comes, seek to refill old cartridges instead of buying new ones.


They cost a fortune, and at first, it seems like it makes sense—you are supposed to use them every day, for a long time, and get a good night’s sleep on them. From people who work in this industry, we learned that they are not that expensive to make, so the store is basically charging as much as they desire. In order to get away with paying less, have in mind that expensive is not always better and that Amazon and IKEA are not bad at all.


Every first-time parent gets shocked when the realization comes that diapers will cost a lot. Sadly, the explanation is rather simple. They cost so much because there’s demand. Companies are competitive, and users can’t go without them, so they buy them regardless of the steep price. You can save some money by buying in bulk,  stocking up during discounts, or buy from different brands.

Olive Oil

It doesn’t really seem like something that could cost much, does it? Especially when you take into consideration that other vegetable oils are cheap. The cost of olive oil has little to do with the type of olives used. It is more about how difficult it is to harvest them, and then make oil out of them. The process is rather complicated. It also depends if you are buying unrefined or refined oil

and if there are other additives or oils mixed into it. The real deal is unrefined extra virgin olive oil, but it’s the most expensive one, and there is no way to save money on it. But you can save by using it only when the taste really matters – salad dressings and dipping bread, for example.


Just like printers, this seems like an inexpensive purchase until you need refills and find out they cost much more than the razor itself did. Well, this one is justified. The price has a lot to do with the fact that razor blades are difficult to make, and the fact that since it is so difficult, only a few companies in the world know how to make them properly, so there’s a monopoly. Here, you can save by using disposable razors because many of the major brands have disposable versions that can be efficiently used several times.

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