In 2014, an airplane carrying 239 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared from the skies and despite joint search effort by Australia, Malaysia, and China costing over $135 million, no clues about the plane’s whereabouts or its unfortunate fate have been found.

The expensive search operation came to end in early 2017 without any success – but now, one man is claiming that he knows where the plane crashed, and he has proof to confirm his theory.

A Mysterious Disappearance

Four years after its disappearance, the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 still remains one of the biggest mysteries in the history of aviation. The aircraft carrying 239 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing on March 8, 2014 and was last spotted on the military radar somewhere south of Phuket island. The expensive search mission for the missing flight which lasted for three years ended in January, 2017 – but now, investigators are saying that they had been searching the wrong place all along.

The three-year long hunt resulted in the discovery of only 33 pieces of the wreckage from the suspected crash site and convinced the investigators that the rest of the plane was buried somewhere deep in the Indian Ocean. Without having access to the plane’s black box, the investigators used expert analysis and the air traffic control recordings to understand what went down in the cockpit moments before the plane vanished. In the recording, the final few words uttered by the captain were ‘good night flight MH370’ before the plane shot down towards the water at an extremely high speed.

Google Earth Images Reveal Plane’s Location

Peter McMahon, the 64-year-old amateur expert showing the exact location of the missing plane on Google Earth

One Australian man who claims to have been looking for the missing flight for four years, has finally found the breakthrough he had desperately been in need of. Peter McMahon is a 64-year-old amateur expert who says that he has been working in crash investigations for more than two decades.

Ever since the disappearance of the plane, McMahon has been poring through the satellite images from NASA and Google Earth. Now, he has finally been able to identify the skeleton of the plane in one of Google’s images close to a tiny islet called the Round Island, north of Mauritius. In the photograph pointed out by McMahon, an outline of what seems to be an airplane, can be seen just below the surface of the water.

In an interview with a local news agency, the Australian aviation enthusiast said that the investigators responsible for finding the missing aircraft had deliberately hidden the facts from the public. According to him, the four American experts who flew out to Australia to oversee the search efforts ensured that the real information remained hidden from the world – including the Australian government itself.

Conspiracy Surrounding the Mysterious Disappearance

McMahon, after spending hundreds of hours searching for the Flight MH370 on NASA and Google Earth maps, he admits to have found the exact coordinates of the missing plane.

But what does the U.S. have anything to do with the disappearance of the Flight MH370 and why would it withhold crucial information about the plane’s whereabouts? McMahon says that he is yet to find the answers of these questions. For now, all he knows is that he has single-handedly done what the $135 million international search operation hasn’t been able to do – he has found the missing plane.

But it wasn’t just the clear outline of a plane in the photograph which shocked McMahon. Apparently, the aircraft was ridden with bullet holes as if it had been shot down. After looking at the photo, the Australian crash investigator is convinced that the plane’s disappearance wasn’t accidental.

But who could have shot down a huge commercial plane carrying hundreds of passengers on board? McMahon thinks that only those who have been withholding the information from the public know the actual truth about what happened to the unfortunate aircraft.

McMahon speculates that the authorities’ reluctance to tell the truth has something to do with the fact that the crashed plane is full of bullet holes. Revealing the true story will only open another investigation leading to those who were responsible for shooting down the plane.

Do you believe that MH370 investigators have been withholding crucial information about the missing plane from the public?

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