Cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity among women who want to look more like their favorite celebrities or models but not everyone can afford the expensive procedures which usually cost thousands of dollars.

With an increase in demand for inexpensive cosmetic procedures, several international firms and surgeons are printing out leaflets, advertising discounts and bargain prices for quick-fix surgeries. Unfortunately, these procedures come at a heavy price, leaving patients scarred for life.

Each year, thousands of women decide to spent money on cheap plastic surgery procedures

Millions of Dollars Spent on Corrective Surgeries

Britain’s leading cosmetic surgeons are voicing their concerns over cheap cosmetic surgeries abroad from inexperienced doctors which are leaving patients physically and emotionally scarred. Moreover, the cost for fixing these blunders falls upon the shoulders of NHS which has spent over 30 million pounds from tax money since 2013 on correction procedures. Unfortunately, not all mistakes are irreversible, and some women must live with their horrible scars for the rest of their lives.

More than a thousand women are lured into cheap surgeries every year, only to return home with several complications that take thousands of dollars to fix. Many of these women admit they don’t meet their surgeons until the day of the procedure and they only find out about their second-rate service after the surgery is over. To ease their pain, anguished patients are given nothing but a mild painkiller or a dab of an antiseptic cream.

Scarred for Life

Almost of 4 out of 5 surgeons in the U.K. admit that half of their work consists of corrective surgeries which can cost up to six thousand pounds per procedure

According to a recent investigation, Turkey has been named one of the worst places for cosmetic surgeries where second-rate doctors scam their patients for money and leave them physically and mentally scarred for life.

A number of complaints have been received against a Turkish doctor named Mehmet Kaya who runs his surgical business from a small room atop a supermarket.

60-year-old Julie Lambert was a victim of Kaya’s inexperience with the knife, and she said that the doctor left gaping holes in her neck and behind her ear after the surgery, and refused to fix it. Instead, she was just given an antiseptic cream and told that the scars would eventually heal with time. However, the wounds didn’t close even weeks after Lambert had returned to the U.K.

The 60-year-old had travelled all the way to turkey to get a number of cosmetic procedures that she couldn’t afford in her own country, but the surgery turned out to be more costly than she had thought. Lambert says that she felt absolutely disgusted by the results of the procedures which had cost her four thousand pounds and she now has to walk around with a scarf around her neck to hide the embarrassing scars.

The Real Cost of Inexpensive Surgical Procedures

Jean Nuttall, another bad case of botched surgical procedures, woke up after her surgery to discover that her face didn’t look the same – and not in a good way. The doctor had taken the fat from her abdomen and injected it unevenly into her face and lips, making her look like she had just broken into hives. The surgeon had assured her that the fat transfer to her face would last forever but that wasn’t true as she went back to her normal appearance in less than 2 months.

Jean Nuttall, who is a nurse herself, says that she feels foolish to have fallen into the surgical sham. She had asked Dr. Kaya for an eyelift surgery as well, but all she was left with were uneven eyes with big scars around them which have no prospect of healing. The procedure that would have cost her seven thousand pounds in the U.K. were performed for only twelve hundred pounds in Turkey. But now, Nuttall must spend more money for corrective surgery at a reputable clinic in her own country.

Plastic surgeon Saif Ramman

Reputable plastic surgeon Saif Ramman advises his patients to steer clear of discount surgeries as they are often carried out by inexperienced doctors. Other surgeons’ mistakes are costing the NHS millions of pounds every year that could otherwise go towards the treatment of more serious diseases.

Have you ever had a bad experience with cosmetic surgery abroad?

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