There is a vast population of introverts who hate shopping. There can be a lot of reasons for such feelings. Perhaps the possible reason could be that they feel overwhelmed when exposed to too much external stimulation, which makes them tremble with the thought of searching through the countless items in a bustling store. The lights, too focused crowds, and the dizzying array of choices can be too much for many introverts.

However, in this cosmopolitan world, it’s almost unavoidable for an introvert to avoid shopping completely. There could be an endless reason for shopping– like you need a new suit for your job interview or friends wedding. Or maybe you feel like it’s time to update your wardrobe as well. After all, we love our new image.

Whether you like shopping or not, we believe shopping should never be as painful as we experience. So we have brought forth some six great tips to make your shopping effortless and more pleasing.

“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.” — Karl Lagerfeld

 Research beforehand

Don’t decide on going off to the store first and then decide what you need. In this way, you will only end up making your shopping trip tiring and may end up feeling even more overwhelmed. Instead, do what all introverts are known for — prepare! Decide what you need the most. Prioritize your buying list in case you don’t have much time. Knowing what exactly you want to buy will help you save a lot of valuable time and energy.


Before finally going for shopping, visit the store’s website and get an idea of their styles and prices. Make a mental picture of your needs, utility, and size. By doing this, you’ll have enough time to wrap your head around the options. It will also spare you from the pain of navigating and the bewildering selection of various items at the store.

 Pinterest it

Almost all introvert souls need ample of time to process their thought before making a final decision. To avoid such fatigue, Pinterest the style that you want and other items that will go well together. This method allows the user to save the pictures on an online board and also gives them inspiration every time they need to, from fashion to interior design, children’s stuff, and weddings. It gives you a wide range of possibilities and time to consider which style you want to choose.

Consider timing

Crowds are the biggest nightmare for an introvert. If you are thinking of shopping during peak season, then you may definitely get exhausted. To avoid getting hooked in the crowd of frenzied shoppers, schedule your shopping trips strategically. Do your shopping right in the morning or right before the shop closes, in this way you’ll enjoy shorter lines and easier parking. Also, don’t forget to stay energized by taking small breaks for water, snacks, or a simple quiet moment away from the rush.

Don’t stay too long

Image result for ShoppingNow, if you are among one of those who hates shopping, then you may get tempted to pull off an epic shopping spree in just one day just to avoid shopping for at least a few months. However, introverts may feel drained after a prolonged exposure to such a stimulating environments.

Therefore, rather than trying to endure a tiring shopping marathon, break down your shopping trip into several short and manageable trips. Do your shopping trip as long as you feel fresh and energized. In this way, you will be more productive. You will enjoy shopping and may leave before you reach the point of exhaustion. By making each shopping trip a more pleasant one, you are also less likely to freak out shopping in the future.

Shop online

Introverts love shopping without leaving their comfort zones. However, online shopping can sometimes become a hassle if you pick the wrong size. So instead of making wild guesses, make use of available information from your in-person shopping to inform about choices online. For example, if you purchased an item from any store, order that item in the same size, maybe in different colors and styles from the store’s website. Stores also offer a greater selection online. With the combination of online and in-person shopping, you will become smart in no time.

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