Conspiracy theorists believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and world leaders are making a united effort in trying to keep the truth from the public. Especially since the infamous incident in Roswell, New Mexico when a ‘strange, flying disk’ crashed at a ranch leading people to believe that aliens exist and they might have already made contact with our planet.

Now, news reports are speculating that Russian President Vladimir Putin could become the first political leader to break the silence on the alien conspiracy and give a public confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Strange Discoveries Made on ISS

A few weeks ago, Russian astronauts from the International Space Station sent news that they had discovered strange bacteria on the surface of the ISS which may not have come from our planet. The news report was published by a Russian news agency that explained that the bacterial strains found on the space station were not present when it was launched from Earth which could only mean that they came from outer space.

Swabs were taken from the station’s external surface for lab examination but scientists say that the bacteria were completely harmless. However, the bacterial strains are not conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life. The international space station has been in earth’s orbit for almost 20 years now and there could be a million different ways for bacteria to sneak up on the space station’s surface during that time.

When the news of strange bacteria in space circulated in the media in 2014, The U.S. space agency argued that finding microorganisms on rockets or space station exterior isn’t a new phenomenon which why whenever NASA has to destroy a probe or a space craft, it rules out any places which could potentially be habitable for the bacteria. For a Space Station as old and massive as the ISS, which has been in orbit since 1988, sterilization can be impossible.

Crew members in the Russian module of the space station also disclosed the discovery of strange dust particles in space which could be evidence of alien life. The samples of the dust have been sent to the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, for further investigation. NASA has chosen to stay silent on the issue when reached out with request for a statement.

Mystery of the Roswell Incident

The conspiracy theory of extraterrestrial life has been going around for decades but still remains unproven. However, a U.S. based research group called PRG strongly believes that international political leaders aren’t just aware of the existence of aliens but are also in contact with them covertly through top-secret locations like Area 51.

Conspiracy theorist and CEO of PRG, Steve Bassett, recently claimed that Putin could soon make the announcement confirming the existence of aliens and their presence on our planet. Mr. Bassett has spent the past several weeks in Russia in an effort to convince Putin to unveil the hidden truth about aliens.

Basset believes that world leaders agreed to put up a ‘truth embargo’ several years ago after the Roswell incident threatened to reveal the truth about aliens, and breaking the embargo could mean a breach of the U.S. constitution. This is exactly why no American President has been able to speak up about the ‘truth’. But aliens exist, and it has only been with the help of their advanced technology that the developed countries have been able to make cutting-edge weapons, Basset says.

Putin Could be the One to Break the ‘Truth Embargo’

If the Russian President decides to declare that Aliens exist publicly, he will break the truth embargo

The chief executive of PRG says that if he had a few minutes with the Russian President, he would ask him why he wants to deny the presence of ET despite knowing the truth. Bringing the facts in front of the entire world could elevate Putin’s stature and could even give Russia the opportunity to become the next superpower.

Bassett has been meeting several influential Russian leaders during his visit to Moscow and a statement by PRG revealed that there are a number of circumstances that could propel the Russian President towards declaring the truth publicly and hence, breaking the truth embargo. Should an incident like this happen in the near future, it could have serious political consequences for the U.S.

Do you believe that extraterrestrial life exists or is all just a hoax?

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