Retirement is like throwing oneself to the great unknown. It is a transition that often presents numerous variables of uncontrollable factors. Therefore, a plan is needed before the jump. Planning well and accordingly to build a diverse contingency will ensure that the unknown won’t be such a scary leap.

With that in mind, another good way to face the idea of retirement is to gradually ease into it. Taking into consideration that at some point, you will have to apply one change at a time until everything is in full swing. And time is full of transitions. So let’s welcome this phase also.

Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money. — Jonathan Clements

Make a transition plan. Here are some moves to make your transition as smooth as possible.

 Take more weeks of vacation

A great number of us in the working class have all tried to travel. But a good career path that screams and demands time and responsibility from us is the age-old nemesis to this; that and being a workaholic. This is the best time to do this.

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If you are nearing retirement, why wait? Make time. You don’t have to leave the country. There is joy in unearthing something new from taking a trip to other cities and experiencing the local food and scene.

Spending time outside of work is a good way to introduce you to new things. You might find a lot and it will all translate to experience. This experience will translate to information that you can pull to decide what you can do with your time. You might want to also find a new hobby or a bring a few friends to bond with while you’re at it.

 Change your work hours

The New Flexible Retirement study has found that 25% of individuals beyond the age of 54 reported that their employers have allowed them and those approaching retirement to switch from full-time to part-time schedules. While this might not be the case for your company, it never hurts to ask.

 Make friends who are already retired and doing activities you enjoy

There is a song in a certain organization I was in: “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other’s gold.”

Retirement doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Reach out and consider that everyone will go through this phase. Having people around you who enjoy the same activities as you would make this phase in life a lot more enjoyable.

To go with that, consider the people you were most often with – your co-workers, might not be around too much anymore since you will inevitably have a lot more time than them to hang out

 Rekindle old hobbies or start new ones

A good amount of us left a lot of things when transitioning to the working class. Be it aspirations, dreams, and hobbies. You might have wanted to play the piano but couldn’t. Well, you sure do have the time when retirement comes into full swing. Better get the self-help books and online tutorials ready.

Bearing in mind that not all hobbies are cheap. You might want to consider saving up to eventual buy as early as possible so that the expenses do not pile up. A life lead by passion is the most enjoyable after all. Why not invest in it?

 Make expensive repairs now

It isn’t a secret that once one is retired, their income will take a hit. Upgrades to your home must seriously be considered before retirement. It could be a new appliance, a remodeling of a room, look for them and consider your options. A contingency plan to this is to simply set aside an account or an amount of money to use for them before and after retirement. This will enable you to at least have peace of mind in that area.

 Live on your retirement income

Start living on an income based on your retirement income. You can practice doing this by having a set amount of money on hand for your living expenses, and the rest are saved.

 Rekindle your most important relationships

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With all the time that you have, it would be good to spend a good chunk of it together with the ones that matter. Be it your family or friends, a stronger bond with them will quite often fulfill you.


 Try something new every week

Being a professional somewhat meant that you needed to devote a good chunk of your life to work, and for most people. In order to do that, we often dive into a routine. Now that we have all the time in the world, it’s not too late to experience all that life has to offer. Whether it’s an activity or trying new food, anything new will keep your mind fresh and active. It will also enable you to adapt to change better and build your confidence.

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