If there is one thing that a traveler hates more than anything, it’s getting delayed for a flight. It can be a very frustrating and expensive ordeal. This is particularly the case if you consider rebooking a flight ticket. It’s not as easy as purchasing a brand new ticket. Especially during the holidays, the chances of getting delayed for a flight is even higher.

Therefore, we’ve come up with eight ways on how to help you avoid delays while traveling.

 Pack your bags the night before

May sound surprising, but one of the main reasons why travelers get delayed for their flights is failing to pack on time. That is, they don’t pack until the last minute. Definitely, this is a big mistake! Not only does this add to your stress, but it also increases your chances of forgetting important things.

 Go for hand carry

Traveling light is one of the best ways to avoid delays. Opting just to bring a hand carry luggage means that you don’t have to wait in line to have your luggage checked-in. Besides, it won’t weigh you down if you need to make a run for your gate.

 Use online check-in services


Today, most airlines allow passengers to check in through their website as early as 48 hours before the actual flight. All you need to do is print out your boarding pass and take it with you at the airport.

Some major airlines also post kiosks in airports where you can check yourselves to your flight without having to go through long lines.

 Get ready for your kids

The long lines and congested airports can be a bit too overwhelming for children. These conditions make children restless, which can make your stress level hit the roof. Ensure that come prepared. Use their favorite toys and other ways to keep them occupied.

Packed airports are also a haven for kidnappings and other crimes. With that in mind, ensure that you brief your children what to do when strangers approach them or in case you get separated.

 Make your cell phone your best friend

In addition to helping you take pictures and uploading them on social media, use your cellphone to store all your documents using an app like Evernote or TripIt. That way, you could always keep tabs about your travel plans.

 Move closer to the proximity


One of the biggest reasons why travelers get delayed for their travel regardless of how early they leave for the airport is the traffic that comes with the holidays. If the airport is a considerable distance away from where you live, consider checking in at a hotel that’s closer to the airport. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting any unpleasant surprises.

 Avoid wearing belts, coats, and jewelry

Since 9/11, travelers are required to take off coats, belts, shoes, and pieces of jewelry as they go through security checks. Although this does help you travel more safely, they can also take a lot of time.

 Get a driver

Getting a friend or a relative to drive you and your family to the airport can be a great help. Having someone drive you to the airport will give you the chance to be dropped off right at the entrance, saving precious minutes for you.


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