The former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, was the second-most important man in America’s best law enforcement agency. He was also involved in a number of high-profile investigations such as the Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as well as the alleged Trump-Russia coalition during the 2016 presidential elections.

But just two days before his official resignation after 21 years of service, something unexpected happened: he was fired from his job at the orders of President Donald Trump.

A Scandalous Dismissal

The news of McCabe’s dismissal was made public after the Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a statement saying that he had made the decision to terminate the former FBI deputy director’s career after consulting with the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

According to OPR’s review, McCabe had disclosed confidential information to a news agency without the authorization of the FBI director or the attorney general. Moreover, his lack of transparency during the Clinton investigation and refusal to take responsibility for his actions made him unfit for the role of deputy director.

After the dismissal was confirmed by the Attorney General, Donald Trump declared in a tweet that it was a ‘great day for democracy’. Sessions said that FBI has extremely high standards for integrity, honesty, and accountability that every employee is expected to adhere to. All FBI officials know that dishonesty or lack of transparency under the oath results in immediate termination.

Hopes of Early Retirement Shattered

FBI ex-deputy director Andrew McCabe

McCabe has also been fighting back with claims that his dismissal was part of a series of planned attacks against FBI to deviate attention from the Russia investigation and to undermine the credibility of those who are trying to hold the President responsible for his actions.

McCabe, who had stepped down from his role in the beginning of 2018, was planning for an early retirement last Sunday – which was also the day he turned 50 years old. The former Deputy Director had decided to hold his resignation for a few months until he was eligible for early retirement benefits, but his dismissal, only hours before the retirement, raised suspicions that his involvement in the Trump case was the reason behind the timely decision.

His dismissal was celebrated by Trump who openly declared his resentment for the former deputy director through a twitter post saying that his termination was the best thing that happened to those working for the FBI.

McCabe says that he is convinced that the decision was influenced by President Trump in an effort to derail special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s role in 2016 presidential elections. The former deputy director was also expected to play the role of a key witness in the investigation, which now becomes highly unlikely given his recent dismissal.

McCabe’s Role in Muller Probe

McCabe is convinced that the information he has on Trump and his decision to fire James Comey is crucial for the investigation, which is why the White House is going out of its way to undermine his trustworthiness and 21 years of hard work.

Now, McCabe is expected to come forward with important details of the events which led to the President’s decision to fire James Comey who served as the director of FBI until last year. After the dismissal, McCabe pointed out in his statement that Trump’s interest in the Russia probe and his administration’s efforts to undermine the investigation only proves the significance of special counsel Robert Muller’s work.

Before his termination, McCabe predicted in an interview that Trump administration would soon come up with a counter-narrative to sabotage his reputation before he even gets the chance to testify in front of Robert Muller. His worst nightmare came true last Friday after he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in pension and retirement benefits.

Former Director James Comey is set to make a comeback in politics in April with the release of his much-awaited book called A Higher Loyalty. Will the book reveal new facts about Trump-Russia coalition? Only time will tell.

Do you think Andrew McCabe’s dismissal was fueled by Trump’s effort to undermine the Russia investigation?

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