Trump will use anything to make a political point about FBI’s interest in Russian interference in the recent presidential elections. In one of his tweets, the U.S. president has even gone as far as saying that FBI was too distracted by the Russia inquiries to notice the signs of Florida shooter.

Critics React to Donald Trump’s Comment

Donald Trump faced the wrath of his critics when he decided to use the recent shooting incident to serve his personal agenda instead of taking a serious stance on gun control. The president attacked the FBI on Sunday and blamed the agency for not paying attention to the ‘many signals’ about the suspect behind the shooting. He speculated that the reason behind FBI’s negligence was its immoderate interest in Trump’s alleged relations with Kremlin.

Emma Gonzalez (shooting survivor), Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student during her speech for gun control

The politicians behind Trump are facing immense pressure from the families of young students who became victims of the horrendous attack last Wednesday. Survivors are calling for a more serious action to prevent gun ownership in America which is putting young children and innocent civilians at risk.

Rising Protests Around the Country

John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, criticized Trump’s feeble attempt to shift the blame for Russian collision on FBI, by saying that the statement made by the president was simply absurd. His failure to acknowledge America’s gun control problem has a lot to do with his personal relationship with the National Rifle Association (NRA), which was one of the leading supporters of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Thousands of angry protestors took it to the streets to demand serious action on gun control and more demonstrations are to take place in Washington DC next month. Due to the growing pressure on lawmakers, the Whitehouse made a statement announcing a listening session where Parkland school students will be able to talk to the president and discuss various strategies to avoid such mass shooting incidents in the future.

Trump’s Relations with NRA

One of the shooting survivors, Emma Gonzalez, blamed the government for lobbying with pro-gun organizations and accepting donations from the NRA. The students told CNN that they won’t let the sacrifices of innocent students go to waste and action against gun ownership must be taken quickly before more lives are lost.

NRA, which had spent millions of dollars to get Donald Trump elected as the president, hasn’t made any comments on gun control yet. Trump has also laid the blame for the current crisis on the Democrats, saying that if gun control was such a big issue then why didn’t Obama administration pass the legislation in the first place.

Washington, February 21 – A student holding a placard as she protests calling for more gun control outside of the White House 

The president also criticized FBI after it admitted to have overlooked lats month’s reports about the suspect who was planning a mass shooting. In his tweet, Trump said that the intelligence agency’s actions were ‘unacceptable’ and they could have done a better job in protecting the lives of innocent civilians if they didn’t waste so much time in proving a collusion that doesn’t really exist.

FBI’s Mistake?

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who announced the involvement of 13 Russian actors in the presidential election last week, admitted that his men should have paid more attention to the tip received on Cruz. The mass shooter has been arrested since the incident and charged with the murder of 17 young students.

One of the presidential candidates of 2016 elections, Kasich, said that FBI should be held accountable for the terrible mistake it made, but the incident could also be used as a good opportunity to start performing background checks on people who are buying guns to prevent future catastrophes.

The director of national intelligence during Obama’s presidency said that it’s unacceptable for FBI to be distracted by other activities while the issue of gun control is being ignored for years. FBI had received a tip from one of Cruz’s close friends on January 5, saying that the suspect had often expressed his desire to kill people and posted disturbing thoughts on social media. US attorney general Jeff Sessions said that FBI’s mistake had led to tragic consequences and the lawmakers must do better to protect innocent civilians.

Was the mass shooting incident really FBI’s fault or does America need stricter gun control laws?

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