The actress’s Twitter account was locked for violation of terms of service.

Actress Rose McGowan mentioned on her Instagram account that just after midnight her Twitter account had temporarily been locked after she sent out a series of posts about the alleged misconduct of Harvey Weinstein including her.

McGowan asked her followers to be the voice because her Twitter account had been suspended by stating there were powerful forces at work. The post appeared on her Instagram account just after midnight, Eastern Time on Thursday. A snapshot of the message from Twitter was also included which mentioned that direct messages from her Twitter account would be allowed unless she acted against the tweets that violate the rules of Twitter.

Mcgowan’s Twitter account was not suspended in its entirety and was visible to her followers and the screenshot just mentioned a temporary freeze which would prevent from tweeting, liking or retweeting for a period of 12 hours.

Here’s What Twitter Had to Say About The Suspension

Twitter sent McGowan a message stating they had determined that her account was in violation of the rules framed by Twitter, which had resulted in a temporary suspension of some of the features of the account. The message also stated that McGowan could send just direct messages to her followers without tweeting, liking, or retweeting. The social media platform also mentioned that the account would be restored to full functionality in 12 hours after tweets that violated their rules were deleted. They also directed McGowan to contact their support team if she believed that the suspension was a mistake on the part of Twitter.

Rose McGowan’s Response To the Social Media Platform

McGowan never mentioned the incident of a telephone number appearing in a tweet.

In sharp contrast to the message sent by Twitter, McGowan just mentioned her account had been suspended by Twitter by stating there are powerful forces at work and asking her followers to be her voice. Her comment received 17,300 likes and 2765 comments that can be considered as strength to her followers on Instagram.

The message sent by Twitter to McGowan clearly stated she had violated the rules of the company which were nowhere mentioned in the message posted by McGowan on Instagram. By Thursday midmorning the twitter universe was steaming about the situation that McGowan was facing when twitter provided an explanation for its actions. A statement was issued by a twitter representative that McGowan’s tweets had violated the privacy policy of the company by including a telephone number in the tweets.

People familiar with the decision and speaking on conditions of anonymity mentioned that the information was confidential and the phone number of a prominent person was visible in a screenshot of an email that was posted by Ms. McGowan on the platform.

The twitter safety team also explained they had been in contact with Ms. McGowan’s team to explain that her account was temporarily locked because of the inclusion of a private telephone number in one of her tweets which they said was a violation of their terms of service.

How Has The General Public Reacted To the Temporary Locking of McGowan’s account

It is well known that Twitter often removes individual tweets instead of suspending entire accounts and people familiar with the account of Ms. McGowan have mentioned that her account was frozen partly because of the time difference between Eastern time and Pacific time because the staff at the office in San Francisco would have left when McGowan tweeted her message.

Way back in 1997, Ms. McGowan had reached a settlement worth $100,000 with Harvey Weinstein after an incident in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. Recently, she has been vocal about her support for women that stepped forward to reveal that the producer had physically harassed them or even gone further.

Ben Affleck has contradicted claims made by McGowan against Weinstein.

The actor Ben Affleck contradicted the claims made by McGowan against Harvey Weinstein, stating that the comments were sickening. Ms. McGowan instantly retorted by calling Affleck a liar and also stating that Affleck was aware of Weinstein’s behavior. McGowan also retorted against the players in Hollywood that failed to criticize Weinstein.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been vocal in her support to McGowan.

Users of the social media platform expressed outrage over the locking of the twitter account of Ms. McGowan. Actresses such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Jessica Chastain were also vocal in their support for Ms. McGowan, asking several questions the management of twitter. Looking at the kind of support Ms. McGowan received, it does not look like this twitter war will see a conclusion anytime soon. For the moment, actions and reactions are floating around between the twitter management and the Hollywood stars who have also included some comments made by Pres. Trump on the platform and asked whether Twitter had the gumption to suspend his account as well. The average individuals following Ms. McGowan can only anticipate action on the platform until McGowan’s account is restored to full functionality.

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