Age is nothing but a number for Princess Charlotte who turns three today and has already mastered the art of being a royal and flaunted her perfect regal wave as she stepped out of the car alongside brother George as both held hands with Dad William. The trio made the public appearance on April 23 in front of St. Mary’s hospital just hours after the duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis.

Princess Charlotte, fourth in line to the throne, turns three today

The Perfect Royal Wave

Three-year-old Charlotte could barely hide her excitement of finally becoming a big sister as she made her way towards St. Mary’s Lindo Wing where mum Kate awaited the family with a new baby boy named Louis.

The toddler enthusiastically waved at the crowds with her free hand while holding her daddy’s finger with the other as the trio stepped out of the car and walked towards the same Paddington hospital where both Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born.

Princess Charlotte showing her perfect royal wave right before meeting her young brother Louis Arthur Charles at the hospital

The adorable princess wore a blue smock dress with a floral pattern paired with a matching cardigan that fit her perfectly while her camera-shy brother George was looking smart in his school uniform.

Prince William had picked up both children from school and drove them straight to the hospital to meet the newest member of the family. The two-year-old princess attends Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington while older brother George is enrolled in Thomas’s Battersea, a private preschool costing $24,000 a year.

Not Camera-Shy at All

The two royal children showed contrasting personalities as they made the public appearance holding hands with Prince William. While shy George quietly stared at the ground, avoiding eye contact with the cameras around him, Princess Charlotte confidently flaunted her royal wave at the cheering crowds and widely smiled at everyone before disappearing behind the hospital doors.

The three-year-old princess was melting hearts as soon as she stepped out of the family car and constantly waved at the cameras. Ever after ascending the steps of the hospital, she turned around for the final time to flash a beautiful smile and offer a last greeting to the crowd.

Experience with Royal Engagements

Despite her tender age, the young princess has partaken in a number of public events which have allowed her to perfect the royal wave. The three-year-old has also accompanied her parents on a number of overseas tours and has shaken hands with powerful leaders around the world – no wonder she seems so confident in front of the cameras.

Charlotte visited Canada with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when she was only one-and-a-half years old in her second-ever public appearance. After descending down the steps of the private jet in her mother’s arms, the princess was greeted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who offered a high five to Prince George but was brutally turned down by the then-two-year-old.

Last July, Charlotte displayed her experience at royal engagements after performing her first royal curtsy during her visit to Germany and Poland with parents. There she also greeted the crowds with her charming smile and enthusiastic wave and accepted flowers and bouquets from well-wishers.

Due to the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013, Princess Charlotte maintains her position as fourth in line to the throne, despite welcoming another male sibling into the family

Fourth in Line to the Throne

Princess Charlotte welcomed her younger brother into the family on April 23, only days before her third birthday. The Kensington Palace released a statement saying that Kate Middleton was taken to hospital at 5 a.m. after going into labor, and little Prince Louis was born at 11 a.m., just a few hours before his older siblings were picked up by Prince William and driven to Lindo Wing for a public post-baby family appearance.

According to Kensington Palace, both Kate and Prince Louis are in perfect health and resting at home. Queen Elizabeth, who is now great grandmother five children is delighted by the birth of the new royal baby. Despite the arrival of a second male child in the royal family, Princess Charlotte maintains her place as fourth in line to the throne due to 2013’s Succession to the Crown Act which says that the succession of the throne is no longer dependent on gender.

Nine days after the arrival of her younger brother, Princess Charlotte is celebrating her third birthday today at Kensington Palace – but we doubt that her parents will let her take a day from nursery school just to celebrate the big day.

Who do you think is the most confident in public appearances out of the two royal siblings?

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