A narcissistic person has low self-confident one. They are usually obsessed with themselves, their appearance or actions, thinking they are amazing compared to other people. This type of personality is usually caused by many inner reasons and can sometimes be complicated to understand. Still, we are regularly living with a lot of narcissists around us, so we should know how to behave when being with them.

“It is especially painful when narcissists suffer memory loss because they are losing parts of the person they love most.” — David Brooks

Here are five types of a narcissist and how to deal with them every day.

Cheating Narcissists

They are usually liars or rationalists. They specialize in deceiving and very often even cheating on their relationship partners. You can spot them easily since they have a lot of people around themselves who admire him very much.

However, don’t think they are their true friends. He often has several relationships at a time and doesn’t find it disturbing. On the contrary, he thinks this is what he is capable of because he is so outstanding and simply perfect! He won’t feel sorry for you at all when you find out how he played with your feelings. If you meet this kind of person and, even worse, be cheated on, run away! That is the only way to never listen to that lies anymore.

Chatty Narcissist

He will lock your mind very fast, so you won’t have enough time to run away. He is well-known for telling stories similar to fairy tales to deceive you and the ones around you. Furthermore, he will try to control his partner and often turn their back on her and to the people who need him the most. You can also easily spot these ones because they blame everyone around them, except themselves, for everything that goes wrong! You must be careful not to be defeated by this type of narcissist. Therefore, stay aware while chatting with people you don’t know well!

Raging Narcissist

The raging narcissist is often a good-looking and interesting individual, extremely self-aware. He draws attention wherever he is, easily seducing women around him. Of course, he is often elegant and perfectly dressed, which gives him the best power of attraction. You can easily spot him when he tries to draw your attention, and then suddenly ignores you to show how superior he is. Remember, he wants you to run after him – this is how, according to his opinion, you’ll prove his true value. But, the best solution is to ignore him completely – that way you will save yourself from another catastrophe in future.

Remember, he wants you to run after him. This is how, according to his opinion, you’ll prove his actual value. But, the best solution is to ignore him completely. That way, you will save yourself from another catastrophe in future.

Bullying Narcissist

He has built his whole life on humiliating other people, starting from the primary school when he discovered how bullying others can give him power; so he continued. He felt better every single time, and even sometimes felt like a winner, or better, a king.

Deep inside, these people are unsatisfied with themselves and extremely insecure. Any person who has a desire to harm others can never be satisfied with himself! Especially because they do this to enlarge themselves in their own eyes – it sounds horrifying as it is. They can be found everywhere – and everyone can become their next prey. The best thing to do is to avoid them. When face to face with this kind, try to figure out a creative way out.

Selfish Narcissist

A selfish narcissist is usually too self-centered and has a gigantic ego. When talking with others, he doesn’t listen. He just keeps interrupting the conversation with his own ideas and opinions. Social circles are full of these men. They are socialized only to see their values – there aren’t any more reasons for this. They live to be with friends but don’t actually have true friends.

Basically, the best thing is to pretend that you don’t hear them at all. If this is hard, just act that you are deaf. When he starts talking, try to find other friends and chat with them – that will help you out. Or, just try to move away from them. Go to the toilet or just go out. Fresh air will make you feel better, and you won’t have to listen to all those things over and over again!

One of the greatest blessings is to be surrounded by amazing people. But, we aren’t always that lucky. We are sometimes in company with people who don’t know our true values or people who have different behavior. So, if you meet a narcissist – read these tips and you’ll know how to deal with them!

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