During his heyday, Michael Jackson was prominent for his music and his dance moves. His audience always responded positively to his creations. Hardly did they ever realize that there were some weird facts about him that they had never heard.

People were happy to blame the media for any news that was published without making any attempts to verify the authenticity. The publicity Michael Jackson received contributed immensely to his popularity by making him a bigger than a life persona. 

Today, let us look at some weird facts about Michael Jackson. 

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” — Michael Jackson

Michael Created Weird Stories About Himself 

In sharp contrast with the persona he had adopted for the public, Michael Jackson was an effective self-promoter behind the scenes. He is famous for leaking quite a few stories of himself to the press to ensure he received publicity in the international media when he was not actively creating music. Perhaps this was a method Michael used to stay in the limelight. 

The story about sharing a bathroom with his pet monkey Bubbles became a talking point during the 80s. However, it was actually a story planted by Michael. Michael had also given sound bytes claiming that he slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to have a younger appearance. The stories definitely gave Michael the exposure he was looking for. Let’s say that was until they backfired when the press began making stories, that never existed. The British media began to call Michael as “Wacko Jacko.” Thereafter, Michael made a conscious decision to stop leaking false stories about his life to the media.

Tickets For His Shows Were Sold on Ebay For Hundreds Before They Even Existed

Just before he passed away, Michael was about to embark on a show at the London O2 Arena. In fact, the concert was named “This Is It.” It was believed to be Michael’s last major concert and consisted of 50 shows. Initially, just ten shows had been arranged for.

The tickets were sold instantly, bringing in some complaints to the venue for not having sufficient tickets. This prompted Jackson to schedule 40 more shows. The demand for the tickets was such that the official website of Jackson offered fans an opportunity to participate in a presale draw. There was plenty of enthusiasm among people to secure a place in the pre-sale draw to sell their tickets. They went for an asking price of $500 each on eBay.

Michael Used Gloves to Hide a Skin Condition 

The weird facts about Michael Jackson give people an insight into the kind of clothing he used, including the needless high socks he used to wear apart from the single glove on his right hand. However, some people know that the glove was intended to hide a skin condition is known as vitiligo, which was in the early stages.

Michael Earns More Money dead Than We All Do alive 

When Michael passed away, he left behind debts worth $500 billion after indulging in expenditure worth more than his income. In 2016, he was among the highest earning dead celebrities after generating revenues close to $1 billion. This is a figure that is available seven years after he passed away. He is generating the income from the sales and licensing of the vast music catalogs. Michael made several investments during his lifetime, which still generate revenue for him. It is evidently clear that the average individual will have difficulties in earning $1 billion during his entire lifetime. However, Michael manages to do so even after passing away for about seven years. 

These weird facts will possibly leave you confused about whether he was an efficient businessman or just an eccentric that managed to do the right things when they mattered the most. Perhaps he acted just as any other celebrity would do. He might have become controversial due to his immense popularity and his strange habits.  

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