Carl Sargeant, the former Welsh minister, who lost his job due to intimate assault allegations against women, took his own life four days after his suspension from the Labour Party. Now his 23-year-old son says that he wants to carry on his legacy and take his deceased father’s old seat in the party.

Carl Sargeant Commits Suicide Amidst Assault Allegations

On 30th of October, Labour Party had an urgent meeting to address Carl Sargeant’s involvement in a harassment scandal, after several women came forward to report misconduct and accuse the minister of inappropriate touching.

In the midst of the serious allegations, the party leader felt a pressure to take action against Sargeant in order to save his party’s reputation. Three days later, the Welsh minister was no longer the cabinet secretary for communities and children as a result of a unanimous party decision. Four days after losing his job, Sargeant hanged himself in his own room and took his life.

Wife Finds a Note Outside his Door Instructing Her to Call the Police

Former minister, Carl Sargeant 

The wife of the deceased said that the family had only been notified about the serious allegations against him the day he was fired from his job. The news came as a shock to everyone in the house, but it was Carl Sargeant who was affected the most by it.

The 49-year-old former minister’s body was discovered by his wife the next morning after he had told her not to enter his room the previous night. Mrs. Sargeant told the Ruthin Coroner’s Court that she had found a note in her husband’s handwriting which instructed her to call the police instead of entering his room.

But instead of taking heed to his instructions, she entered the room only to find his body crumpled on the ground. He was not breathing. She, along with the rest of the family, tried their best to resuscitate Sargeant until the paramedics arrived, but it was too late.

Family Claims that the Party was Hasty with Sergeant’s Suspension

After the news of his death broke, a request to carry out an inquiry about Sergeant’s suspension from the party were made. The pressure in now on the first minster of Wales, Carwyn Jones, for being hasty about the suspension process and verifying the allegations against the deceased before firing him.

Carl Sargeant’s family is accusing the Labour Party for treating the former minister with injustice and putting him under immense pressure that eventually ended his life. According to his close friends, Sargeant was devastated to lose his job, despite strongly denying all allegations against him.

Moreover, the party had not revealed the details of the assault claims to the senior politician. Former chair of the committee, Sir Alistair Graham, says that any intimate assault allegations made against a person with influence must be thoroughly investigated before taking any action against the accused.

Carl Sargeant’s funeral 

More Allegations Against British Lawmakers Surface

The North Wales Police released a statement confirming that the cause of death had indeed been suicide and the authorities will not be doing any further investigation in the matter. The allegations for inappropriate behavior towards women is piling up against the British politicians.

Until now, three politicians from the Labour Party and seven other lawmakers from conservative party have faced serious assault claims. The accused include Damian Green, who served as UK Prime Minister’s deputy. He faced allegations of assault from a journalist named Kate Maltby who said that the politician made inappropriate advances on her during their interview in 2015. However, Green has denied all such claims.

Continuing His Father’s Legacy

Carl Sargeant’s wife, Bernie, and her son, Jack at Carl’s funeral

Now, Carl Sargeant’s 23-year-old son, Jack Sargeant, is speaking in his late father’s defense. Jack announced that in order to continue the legacy of great work that Carl left behind, he will be participating in February’s bi-elections to win back the Assembly seat that belonged to his father.

He and Labour Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, discussed the possibility of young jack joining the party and continuing the great work that his father left behind. Jack believes that his father was an exceptional minister who was loved by the people in Deeside and Alyn. Moreover, he was a great family man who loved and cared for those who were close to him.

Did the father leave a legacy or a disgrace?

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