You might believe that malls are rather straightforward as a general rule but that is definitely not true, as they utilize a plethora of hidden tricks to make you spend more money and are keeping all of those tricks secret. Secrets we will now share with you!

Believe it or not (and, by now, nothing should surprise you), most malls have subtle ways to influence their customers and make them purchase more items without the customers in question ever noticing a thing. Be it well-placed vendor, the specific tune that goes on in the store or even the places they choose to place their products – everything is carefully calculated to make you feel like you want to spend more.

These are the most interesting tricks your mall is most probably using to manipulate you.

Lack of windows and clocks

If you are a practical person, you will mostly just want to get in and out as fast as possible after purchasing whichever product it was that prompted you to go shopping. However, you will notice that most malls do not have a lot of windows and you will almost never see a clock in there. This is no coincidence. The idea is to distract you and make you forget about the passage of time. At the very least, if you are a customer who hardly resists temptations and usually purchases more clothing than initially wanted, you will also want to grab a bite after hours of walking around in the mall. So, you see, they’ve planned everything so you could leave them all the money you have.

The music

Yes, even the music will influence your behavior. If the music is loud, it will cause people to walk faster around the shop. So, if you have a larger store, playing loud music is a really a good choice during the closing hours. However, if the store is smaller, playing something softer and slower will make people walk slower and thus, spend more time looking at the wares. Classical music is also something that is very rare in malls, as it creates an air of exclusivity and will cause those whose pockets are not so deep to second-guess their shopping choices. While it is a great choice for stores that already have a reputation as being expensive, it is not a great idea for malls to play classical music in the background at all.

Circular design

The idea behind distracting the customers also plays a role in making round malls. This will make customers go in circles and potentially even make an entire lap without realizing it, and thus walking past the same store fronts more than once thinking about going in to buy something.

Strategically placed escalators

You have probably noticed and got annoyed by the fact that a lot of malls separate their escalators. If you want to go to the third floor you will have to walk past at least 10 different stores before reaching each escalator. This way you will see a lot more products and, ultimately, spend more money.

Shiny floors

Yes, believe it or not, the fact that most malls have yellow, white, or other brightly colored floors shined to perfection is making you spend more money. How? It makes you walk more and unconsciously spend more time in the mall. And that, again, makes it all that much more probable for you to succumb to the strategically placed ads.

But, what tricks can you expect inside individual stores?

The right turn

One thing that store owners know all too well is the fact that most people tend to turn to their right once they go through the door. This is the reason the most expensive products in stores are placed near the entrance on the right-hand side.

Strategically placed lights

Lights are used to create spotlights that are hardly noticeable but will subconsciously make you pay more attention to certain products. Spotlights obviously have a psychological effect and usually create desire.

Grouping of products

You have probably noticed that the front parts of the store usually feel a lot more spacious while the back of the store is kind of crowded? This is done to create the air of exclusivity when it comes to the items in front of the store, as they are their most expensive items after all and it will seem like there are very few of each. While in the back, you will usually find the things that are on sale and it will seem hectic to make you go through as many discounted items as they can.

Now that you know these tricks, you can outplay the malls at their own games and shop safe.

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