We all know that Donald Trump never hesitates to put someone’s head on a spike if they come between him and his pursuit of power – not exactly the policy wonk that you would expect a President of the United States to be.

The man doesn’t just play around loosely with facts and manipulates information in a way that excites his loyal fans and supporters, but he also seems to play loosely with people’s careers and livelihoods just for the sake of settling scores or getting his childish ways.

Jill McCabe, the wife of recently-fired FBI deputy-director is also a politician who ran for Virginia State Senate in 2015

Deputy Director’s Wife Opens Up

Most of the employees working in the White House, who have become subject to his abuse, have chosen to keep their mouths shut in order to protect their jobs and themselves from becoming the next target on Donald Trump’s hitlist, and those who have quietly whispered to the press about how the new President has turned the White House into an Episode of Hunger Games, choose to stay anonymous.

But one woman, whose husband lost his job merely hours before his retirement, decided to open up about how she and her family were put through hell because of the president’s false allegations.

In an op-ed published recently on Washington Post, Jill McCabe, the wife of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe who was recently fired from his job, detailed the attacks made by Donald Trump on her family and the psychological, financial, and social impact his false allegations had on their lives.

The Truth Behind the $500,000 Donation

Mrs. McCabe, a former state congressional candidate, who works as an emergency room pediatrician, was accused of influencing an FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal after she accepted a large donation of $500,000 from the former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe to fund her campaign for Virginia state senate.

Trump claimed that the Deputy Director’s investigative efforts were largely influenced by the Democrats’ generosity towards his wife’s campaign, and that he used his power to sway the results of the investigation in Clinton’s favor.

This allegation was, in fact, far from being accurate since at the time when his wife received funding for her campaign, McCabe had not been chosen as the Deputy Director and had very little influence over high-profile investigative cases. By the time he was assigned to investigate Clinton’s email server, his wife had already lost the election.

Mrs. McCabe said that Trump falsely accused her husband of mishandling of Hillary Clinton probe which eventually cost him his job

‘He Turned Our Lives into a Nightmare’

Jill told the Washington Post that her life has been a complete nightmare ever since Trump got elected as President one and a half years ago but she had not been able to speak up about the mental abuse her husband had suffered from while he was working with the FBI – but now that he had lost his job, she was finally free to tell the world how the President’s wrongful allegations led to her husband losing his job and the reputation he had worked hard to earn over the 21 years he served in the FBI.

When Andrew McCabe was first introduced to Trump in May 2016, during an introductory Oval Office meeting, the first question he was asked by the president was, ‘Who did you vote for?’ Trump, who already knew about the donations McCabe’s wife had received during her 2015 campaign, had been suspicious of the Deputy Director’s intentions from the very first meeting.

Although the generous donation of $500,000 was essentially from former governor Terry McAuliffe, Jill said that Trump continuously claimed that the money had actually come from Hillary Clinton herself who wanted the FBI deputy director to be on her team while investigating her case. Mrs. McCabe said that the allegations were ‘utterly absurd’ since her husband was neither the deputy director nor involved in the investigation at the time the donation was made.

McCabe’s Dismissal Part of a Larger Scheme?

Andrew McCabe, who was dismissed just hours before his official retirement said that the move was part of Trump’s plan to derail FBI’s investigation into Russia’s interference in 2016 presidential elections as well as attack the credibility of the intelligence agency and the people working for it. He said that Trump is persistently attacking FBI and the Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigation which only shows the significance of Muller’s work.

Do you think Andrew McCabe was unjustly fired from his job?

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