Leanne Champ was unhappy with her marriage and her physical appearance and by the time she reached size 24, she knew that it was time for a much-needed change.

When she finally dumped her troubled marriage, she also left 19 stones behind with it, turning a new chapter in her life. Now she’s finally telling her inspirational transformation story and how she managed to reach such an incredible goal.

Unhappy Marriage and Bad Eating Habits

Champ says that she loved Big Macs and French fries so much that she would go out to eat at McDonald’s every day when she was overweight. Her unhappy marriage was adding more stress to her life, increasing her overeating habits – and before she knew it, her waist has expanded to a size 24 and it was hard to find any flattering clothes that would fit her.


Needless to say, Champ’s appearance was making her lose her self-confidence and become depressed. One day, she stood in front of the mirror and studied her appearance; the reality of her failing marriage and unhealthy habits was beginning to dawn on her. She was no longer in love with her husband or her body and she knew that it was time to make some changes.

Champ admits that it was through following fitness models and social media celebrities on Instagram that she got the inspiration to start her weight loss journey. By then she had been married to her husband for six months but things weren’t working between them which was one of the underlying factors of her expanding waist. Champ decided that if she had to make a change in her life, it was important to start with her unfixable marriage.

Turning a New Chapter…

Leanne Champ before her weight loss transformation

Leanne was only 21 years old when she made the decision to get married, and as a result of added family commitments, she left her job and started working part-time.

To cope with the stressful time in her life, Lianne turned to food for comfort, and unhealthy eating turned into a huge problem. She was getting through a ton of junk food and McDonald’s meals every day and weight was quickly piling on.

After making the tough decision to separate from her husband, Leanne set out on a journey to get back her long-lost happiness and self-confidence.

In the beginning, she knew that exercising was important to lose weight, but she wasn’t comfortable to go to her local gym, scared that she would be made fun of because of her weight. So instead, she began making changes in her diet, and just through replacing her meals, she was able to lose almost 12 stones in two years.

Losing 58 kg in Less than Two Years

Slowly she began incorporating exercise into her lifestyle, starting with swimming and home workouts, and slowly gaining enough courage to join the gym. The weight was coming off quickly but Leanne was careful not to follow any crash diets since she had read about how unsustainable and harmful they could be in the long run.

Instead of just losing weight, she wanted to change her entire lifestyle and adopt healthy habits that she could easily follow for the rest of her life. In the initial years of her weight-loss journey, Leanne didn’t restrict her diet and occasionally treated herself with the foods she used to love – and she would still take a trip to McDonald’s once in a while for a cheat meal.

In less than 2 years, Leanne had lost almost half her body weight. She was now able to fit into any clothes she liked at the stores, which had been a big challenge for her when she was overweight and had to shop in the plus-size section. She eventually ditched the scale and stopped monitoring how much weight she had lost or gained. She was feeling good about her appearance and her life, and that was all that mattered.

Her meals now consist of protein porridge for breakfast, a salad or sandwich for lunch and a healthy meal for dinner. She also plans to run a 5K later this year to celebrate her remarkable journey.

Did you find Leanne’s amazing weight loss journey inspiring?

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