As the grocery bills for average households are running out of control, the cost of living and increasing food prices are hardly ever out of the news.

According to a recent study, brits are spending at least £81 a week just on food – but one woman found a way to cheat the system and survive on only £1 of food a day. Limiting your weekly spending to £7 sounds too good to be true. However, it seems it is not impossible to do so. Here’s how this woman made it through the week with less than £10.

Katie Timms managed to stick to her weekly budget by spending £6.83 on Tesco

Can you Survive on £1 a Day?

A British woman revealed how she was able to shop for an entire week of groceries from a local supermarket for under £7 bringing her daily food budget down to just £1. Katie Timms is an avid shopper who stops by her local supermarket to pick up the week’s supplies in advance, but her grocery bill usually tops £80 – and that too, just on food!

One week, she decided to conduct an experiment to see if she could survive on just £1 worth of meals per day. After seven days, Timms was able to end the trial successfully, but she admits that the lack of choice in her meals and small portions did leave her feeling miserable at the end.

Timms, who works as a journalist for The Plymouth Herald, says that she took on the challenge to show the brits that they don’t really need to spend an exorbitant amount on food and that it’s even possible to survive on £1 a day. On the lowest points of the challenge, Timms was surviving on just toast topped with sardines for breakfast and a scanty portion of plain porridge made with water for lunch.

Katie Timms recording her 7-day food challenge

Mission: Grocery Shopping

At first, Katie wasn’t sure if she would be able to purchase an entire week’s worth of groceries in just £7, but with a shopping list clutched in one hand and a calculator in another, she walked into the nearest Tesco to hunt for the cheapest foods she could find. After pacing the isles for more than an hour, Katie had accomplished her mission and filled her trolley with items worth only £6.83 in total.

On her way out of the store, she accidentally tipped the bag over and managed to spill some of the spaghetti on the ground. Even though she had the money to grab another bag of pasta from the shop, she reminded herself that this was a challenge and that she needed to be as honest with her readers as she could be. She picked up her slightly-less-than-full packet of spaghetti from the ground and headed back home to plan out the meals.

The Challenge

Even though Katie had made some decent savings on her weekly shop, she wasn’t able to buy essentials like milk and eggs which would make planning breakfast a lot more complicated than she had anticipated. On the first day of the challenge, she woke up craving some eggs and toast but all she had were oats without any milk or sugar to make proper porridge.

To chase the bland, watery oats, Katie had a pear after breakfast but the first meal of the challenge had left her feeling disappointed and pessimistic about the next few days. Her taste buds recovered slightly after having packaged soup with a few slices of bread for lunch, which was several times better than the breakfast earlier. Dinner was pasta with chicken patties, tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese – not bad for a £1 per day diet.

Katie’s dinner consisted of a small portion of spaghetti, potatoes and chicken patties

Lesson: Doable but Challenging

For the next few days, Katie was starting her day with either her milkless porridge or some toast with jam and lunch would always be soup with toast. For someone who really loved pasta, Katie was starting to hate her daily dinner of pasta with beans, canned tomatoes, and chicken patties, but her options were limited. Throughout the challenge, the best thing she ate were a couple of jacket potatoes stuffed with cheese and tomatoes.

By day seven, she had completely run out of the week’s supplies and even though the challenge was officially over, Katie wowed to never touch oats or pasta again in her life! At the end of the challenge, she walked away with over £70 in savings and a valuable lesson that living frugally in an expensive place like the UK is completely doable, and even though the meal choices aren’t as great as the favorite British takeouts, they’re more than enough for survival.

Do you think you could survive on £1 per day on food for the rest of your life?

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