Donald Trump isn’t the only one who is a huge supporter of local businesses in America – Jimmy Kimmel is too. So, during one episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the television show host decided to give one American company a try.

The company which is run by the infamous Trump family claims to take pride in American-made goods and services. But the story was quite different when Kimmel ordered a few merchandise items off of the official Trump online store.

The Trumps’ family-run online store is popular for selling merchandises imported from China and other countries

Practicing What You Preach

We’ve all heard the same rhetoric from the current President of the United States that America needs more domestically produced goods and services to boost the country’s economy instead of importing cheap products from mass-producing countries like China. But does the president practice this philosophy in his own businesses? Television host Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out in one of the episodes of his show Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 14.

To see exactly how many products being sold on the Trumps’ official online store called were actually manufactured in America, Kimmel ordered a few merchandises from the website and unboxed his package on television in front of a live audience. You can probably guess what he found out.

The first item Kimmel pulled out of the package he received from the TrumpStore was a golf hat with the President’s name on it. The label on the hat clearly said that it was made in China – but that wasn’t it. A coffee mug with Trump’s picture also had a label which read that it was made in Thailand.

Other products found on the website which were clearly not made in America included a duffle bag, a blanket and a shoe bag – all imported from China. As Kimmel continued to unveil the items from the package, the audience was convinced where the presidential family was outsourcing the products on its website from.

The punishment for breaking import law in the U.S. can result in hefty financial penalties

Breaking the Law?

It was obvious that the items found on Trump’s website didn’t support the philosophy that he has continuously been advocating ever since he first started campaigning for the 2016 elections. The show quickly turned into a fun guessing game where Kimmel would pull out an item from the bag and the audience would have to guess where it was imported from.

Some of the items that the TV show host had ordered from the website didn’t seem to have a place of manufacture written on them, so Kimmel decided to investigate a little, and he quickly discovered that the President of the United States had actually been breaking the law.

After looking in the import law and the requirements for companies to state the country of origin on their products, it was found that the United States has very strict regulations which states that all imported goods must have a marking on them which reads where the product was manufactured.

The law also states that in case a company fails to adhere to the regulations, it must face a hefty financial fine. So naturally, Jimmy Kimmel had to take advantage of the opportunity and announce that he was going to take legal action against Trump and his family.

Jimmy Kimmel Openly Threatens Trump

Jimmy Kimmel

According to the information found on the internet, violation of the import rules could result on the company being fined for half a million dollars. Trump’s family was probably not aware of the repercussions of breaking the law so Kimmel decided to teach them a lesson by filing an official complaint against Eric and Donald Jr.

In response to Kimmel’s threat, TrumpStore wrote on twitter that the company didn’t take the comedian’s words seriously and that he would be better off becoming a salesman than a television show host. The official website also reminded Kimmel that the products on his own website were made in China so he should straighten his own act before pointing his finger at others.

Kimmel fired back by saying that he is not the one campaigning for more American-made goods so he shouldn’t have to feel bad about importing his merchandise from China. Trump, on the other hand, has been overtly supporting U.S. companies while his own company is selling goods made in other countries.

Do you agree with Jimmy Kimmel’s decision to file an official complaint against Eric and Donald Jr.?

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