At the age of 21, Zendaya has her entire life figured out. The singer/actress has stepped out of the spotlight many times to take on the empowering roles of an activist and entrepreneur.

After launching her own fashion brand, the young beauty is now trying to break barriers in the industry by creating an androgynous clothing line that all genders can rock.

Zendaya’s main intention is to break barriers in the industry by creating an androgynous clothing line

Men Can Rock Heels Too

Zendaya was the Disney child who won several hearts with her role in Shake It Up and her career in the entertainment industry has skyrocketed ever since. However, the actress has lately been preoccupied with other business endeavors including her recently launched fashion line.

Her brand, Daya, was first introduced to the fashion world last year in July when the talented singer released her first shoe collection with the aim of selling items to both men and women. The 21-year-old Disney star, who wanted to promote gender fluidity with her brand, remarked that there was no reason why boys couldn’t wear her high-heeled stilettoes or dresses.

Zendaya believes that the brand is a perfect depiction of her adventurous and ever-changing sense of style. The singer/actress has rocked everything from a pixie cut to long locks and heels to sneakers – and now she’s inspiring her fans with the same sense of boldness. Zendaya has been a huge advocate of body positivity and her brand makes clothes up till size 22 in order to accommodate as many people as possible, no matter their size.

Zendaya is known to be a huge advocate of body positivity

Using Real People as an Inspiration for Her Fashion Line

Zendaya revealed in an interview that the process of designing her own clothing line was much more complex than she had expected. She had to sit down with her team to turn her vision into reality and sample tons of different ideas, textures and colors before finding the perfect design.

She said she used ordinary people that she had encountered on the streets as an inspiration for her brand and it became one of the main reasons why she decided against using professional models to wear clothes. Instead, she used images of everyday people casually walking down the busy streets of New York, being nothing but themselves – and that is the real beauty of the brand.

Helping Others Find Their Own Unique Style

Zendaya recalls that her love for fashion and experimental began when she was only a young child. Her parents never forced her to dress a certain way and she was allowed to style herself however she pleased. The freedom to choose what she wore stirred a sense of empowerment in the young entrepreneur and now she is trying to help others find their own style through her clothing line just like her parents did with her.

Her collection features a number of street-style clothing pieces including casual blouses and tank tops as well as statement pieces like slit dresses and velvet jumpsuits – all under $160.

The Message Behind Zendaya’s Clothing Brand

Zendaya has said that there is no hard rule when it comes to styling clothes. Each item in her collection is different than the other, like pieces of a puzzle, and the idea of the brand is to take different items and piece them together however you want to create a unique, individualistic style.

The actress believes that that there is no singular style; everyone goes through different emotional phases in their life that affect the way they dress – and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, fashion is about having fun and feeling good about yourself no matter what the latest trend in the industry may be.

The 21-year-old beauty thinks that being a good role model for people who look up to her is a very important part of her job and she wants to make sure that she is giving people from her generation the right message with Daya.

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