27 Incredible Celebrity Cars That Will Make You Want To Take A Ride With Them

When you are the world’s most famous and richest stars you can afford to buy everything on your wishlist and for many stars the best way to show off your star power is with very expensive accessories, flash cars. These next celebs spend millions on collecting luxury cars with customized looks and their car insurance fees are up to the roof but compared to their insane net worth we are pretty sure this hobby doesn’t make a dent in their checking account.

Joe Haden – Lamborghini Aventador, Estimated $1.1 Million

Joe Haden, The Cleveland Browns’ cornerback, has a passion for Lamborghinis (and honestly, who doesn’t?) and his collection includes a white Lamborghini Murciélago with the red leather interior and a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador that he had customized to match his team’s colors in a mix of orange and brown. Each of these personalized speed racers is over a million dollars, so we sure hope he has excellent car insurance.

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