When it comes to celebrating important events in life, no one does it better than Priyanka Chopra. Remember her wedding to Nick Jonas? The couple treated their guests to three days of blissful celebration, and although they later complained that there was a slight strain on their budget, you can be sure that those three days will be forever engraved in their (and their guests’) memories.

Celebrating is what Priyanka does best

Miami Here We Come

This time around, the actress isn’t holding back either, seeing that it is her birthday after all. For her 37th, Priyanka and her husband chose Miami as the perfect venue, and tagged along family and friends too for the celebration. Madhu Chopra couldn’t miss her daughter’s big day, and who dare says that she isn’t proud of the lady Priyanka turned out to be?

Madhu Chopra is a proud mom

And by Miami, the actress and co. weren’t in some hotel. They were actually out in the water, toasting to more life while sailing on a yacht. According to an insider, they set sail into the sunset and had the time of their lives. Drinks were in plenty, and socializing was the name of the game. Priyanka hardly left Nick’s side, and you could tell the two are still very madly in love, a year into their marriage.

The source also revealed that the Hollywood A-lister went out for a swim at some point, just before she decided to take it up a notch and ride the wave runner. Priyanka is apparently quite good at it, speeding, jumps, quick turns and all. She must have had fun! According to the insider, the actress was happy the whole time.

Right Back to Nick

When she was done getting her adrenaline fix, she was helped back onto the yacht, and guess what her first stop was? If you guessed that she went right next to Nick, then you’ve hacked this thing they call love J While drying herself up, Priyanka sat with her husband who was sharing a table with her mom.

After all was said and done, the party took another boat that sailed them back to the mainland, and that was that. A birthday party on a yacht trumps everything else, doesn’t it? The assumption would have to be that Nick sponsored his wife’s party, and since he can afford it, why not?

This love didn’t start at first glance

Although the couple’s relationship is still going strong, Priyanka recently revealed that for her, there’s no such thing as “love at first sight.” Never in her life has she experienced it, and she also opines that what one feels at first is a mere attraction. Love, she says, takes more than just a glance. According to her, you need to go all-in on matters love, and at times it’s almost always beyond your control. When it comes to this, Priyanka advises to go with the flow.

What’s your best perk of being in love? For the 37-year-old, it’s all about security, and knowing that there’s someone who’s got your back, come what may. Despite their decade-long age difference, Priyanka knows that she’s got that security in Nick Jonas, and he can also trust that she’d do anything for him. They make quite the celebrity couple, don’t they?

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