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Keeping Up with The Kardashians Challenged to Make a Big Investment

The producer of The Keeping up With the Kardashians thereafter mentioned the challenge thrown by Kevin Hart was accepted by the Kardashians who decided to donate not $25,000 but $500,000 to charities that are helping the victims.

Kris Jenner was also generous to tweet to Kevin Hart that his challenge had been accepted and a donation of $500,000 was being made to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army in order to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Did The Kardashians Accept A Challenge Or Make An Investment

Looking at the way the effort by Kris Jenner was supported by Kim it is certain that the Kardashians were not expecting any dividends from the investment they made to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The family was genuinely concerned about the victims and therefore decided to make a contribution by even mentioning on twitter they were praying for Houston.

Should Kevin Hart Also receive Some Credit For The Challenge?

He also mentioned whatever is going on in Houston is unbelievable going on to say we have participated in a number of challenges on the Internet some of which were meaningful and the rest meaningless.

Whether this challenge was meaningful or meaningless is another matter but it is certain that the Kardashians did not think Kevin was joking and therefore decided to contribute $500,000 for the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey.

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