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5 Hobbies That You Can Transform into Cash Machines

Hobbies give us a chance to energize and recharge from the busyness of day-to-day life. But that’s not the only thing that hobbies can do. They can also be a lucrative and enjoyable source of income, particularly on the Internet.

We’ve come up with five different kinds of hobbies that you can turn to, whether you need a quick buck or even a great business idea. The best part of these hobbies is that they don’t require a whole lot of investment to start.



1.8 billion photos are posted on social media networks, ranging from selfies to pictures of food and places to visit. If you enjoy taking pictures, you can turn this into a great career. You can sell your photos on websites such as Shutterstock, Fotolia, and eBay.

Other photography lovers start their portfolio online by setting up a website. The site is eventually discovered by potential clients. This is exactly what happened to hobbyist-turned-sought-after-professional photographer Tez Mercer. He started his career as a photographer selling his photos for $15. Today, he charges thousands of dollars per session. Surprisingly, his clients are more than happy to pay.


Gone are the days when you needed to type up an award-winning manuscript and send it out with a prayer to publishers to make money through writing. In this day and age, content marketing is one of the most preferred marketing strategies by small business and huge multinational corporations. Since there is a huge market out there, people who enjoy writing as a hobby can approach it and work as writers.

Arts & Crafts


If you love doing “DIY’s” as a hobby, this is another great way to make some money quickly. Websites such as Etsy are a haven for men and women who sell handcrafted stuff they enjoy making. These range from paintings to crocheted table tops, and even stickers.

Playing musical instruments

If you love playing an instrument, don’t just limit yourself to joining a band and doing gigs to make money. Instead, take some time to share your passion for music by teaching others to play as well. You can easily advertise this by posting fliers in schools, community centers, and other public places.


If you enjoy cooking or baking for friends or family, this opens a lot of ways for you to make money.

  • First, you can sell these goodies right from the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Another way is that you can contribute to food magazines and websites. They are always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes. They are also willing to pay to publish them on their sites and publications.
  • The third option is to collect all of your recipes and create your own eBook. Websites such as Amazon now give people the opportunity (and a ready market) to publish and sell their eBooks. Who knows? You might become the next Martha Stewart.

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