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This 6-year-old Made $11 Million This Year from YouTube

Back in the day, the most popular child celebrities could all be found on Disney channel or the Home Alone franchise, but in today’s world, anyone who has access to a camera and internet can become a celebrity.

Legendary child stars like twins Mary Kate & Ashley and Judy Garland have now been replaced by YouTube celebrities. One of the most popular stars on the website is a 6-year-old toy-lover Ryan, who posts daily reviews of the latest toys on the market.

Ryan, 6, reviewing a toy at his living room for his Ryan ToysReview channel on YouTube

Starting His Own Show at the Age of 3

Ryan was only three years old when he starred in his parents’ first home production – just a video of an innocent little boy opening up a box of Lego and giving his review about his favorite toy. Although his first video didn’t get too many views, as Ryan continued to make new content, his channel slowly caught the attention of people around the internet, especially young kids who could relate to how he felt about his toys.

The YouTube channel where he frequently appeared was named Ryan ToysReview and was mostly run by Ryan’s own parents. The talented young star who has been melting hearts around the globe uses only his first name on his channel and his parents have been cautious about puting too much information on the internet about their family in order to protect their privacy and keep their son safe.

Ryan, a millionaire at the age of 6

One of the Youngest Millionaires on YouTube Today

After a few months of making videos, Ryan’s channel suddenly exploded after a video where he reviewed more than a hundred toys at once went viral. Bu January 2016, the talented kid had already earned 1 million subscribers on his channel, but the grew exponentially in a year and today it has reached over 10 million.

What’s really astonishing is that Ryan’s channel has gained so much popularity in the past three years that Forbes magazine has named him as one of the youngest multi-millionaire youtubers in the world. Only in the past 12 months, his YouTube channel has generated over $11 million in gross revenue from the whopping 8 billion views, landing the young celebrity at number 8 spot on Forbes’ list of highest paid youtubers.

Other YouTube channel that tied for the same spot was Smosh, a comedy channel run by Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla.

Kids Around the World are Huge Fans

Ryan has turned into an internet sensation over the past three years and his biggest fanbase consists of young children who say that they spend hours and hours every day watching his videos because they are completely hooked on his quirky personality. Several other kids of his age have stated a YouTube channel of their own after being inspired by Ryan – and most of them mimic his channel hoping to get the same overwhelming response that he does on his videos.

Several children have reached out to him in the comment section of the videos saying how they have been watching Ryan for so long that he feels like a friend to them. In an interview with TubeFilter, Ryan’s mom said that her son was obsessed with watching toy review videos on YouTube, which is where he got the inspiration to start his own channel. One day he asked his mother if he could also be a YouTube star like the other kids he watched and his parents took him to the toy store to get him the famous Lego set which was featured in his first video.

Youtubers have been gaining a lot of popularity recently and only last year, the 10 best-paid stars on the channel made $127 million collectively, almost 80% more than the previous year’s earnings. The boost in earnings has occurred due to the growing trend of YouTube advertisements as more and more businesses are fighting to have their ads featured on popular videos.

One of the reasons why Ryan is so famous is because he has every kid’s job – which is to play with toys and do silly antics in front of the camera. Parents around the world are showing him their love and support by leaving him comments about how much their kids love to watch him unbox toys and play with them.

What do you think are the shortcomings of being a celebrity kid?

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