Millions of people all over the world were in for a tight-edge grip when they watched the breathtaking, mind-blowing and epic final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7. A year-long period of anxious waiting with a cliffhanger like that is just unbearable for us and we’re excited to know the epic conclusion of this mainstream dark fantasy series. While we can’t wait to know who will be the heir to the Iron Throne, we also couldn’t help the dreadful feeling we would be left with nothing when all of this is over. How are we supposed to move on with our lives while waiting for the final season or when this epic fantasy ends? Well, fret not, Game of Thrones fans! Here are the 9 epic shows you can watch with GoT-like themes that you’ll surely fall in love with! It’ll make your wait a bit easier and bearable while binge-watching these shows.


Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander

The Outlander series is a fantastic and epic show with a story based on the life of a WWII nurse who travels back in time to 1743 Scotland, getting caught up in the Jacobite rebellion. Like GoT, the original book is a hefty series with rich plot details and well-written characters. When we talk about the series, Outlander has a seductive, funny, and full of suspense specter to offer too! One of the greatest perks of this series is that you get to see the gorgeous and handsome Sam Heughan too!


Misfits is a story of young offenders who were given a chance to start fresh and sort their new life while doing community service, who then get superpowers in a storm. The story features a reality survival game and focuses on how a character can dramatically change and develop throughout the story, because of the dire situation they’re currently in. The episodes per season only span around six to eight, so it’ll be easier for you to watch and catch up on the series.


Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha Lothbrok in Vikings

If you’re fond of seeing another version of strong, independent woman rocking up the whole universe with their fierceness like what Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, Daenerys from the house of Targaryen did than the Vikings are the perfect fit for you. The main protagonist of this story is Lagertha Lothbrok, portrayed by Katheryn Winnick, who is a strong and independent woman bent on fighting for her kid’s future while defending their Kingdom. What’s more? Vikings also have some magical and mythical elements, just not like the White Walkers and dragons in Game of Thrones, though. It has its own magical and mystical touch nonetheless! Vikings surely aims to empower the women’s strength and role where they can often make crucial differences.

Marco Polo

No, we’re not talking about the infamous Marco Polo European ship that was used for travelling to Asia for the first time in World’s history. We’re talking about the Marco Polo TV show that’s been sweeping the world with its intriguing plot! It is a historical fiction series that follows Venetian explorer Marco Polo through his adventures in 13th-century China, after he was taken as prisoner by Kublai Khan. Just like in Game of Thrones, Marco must pave his way to the interweb politics and culture of life in Kublai Khan. Marco must learn where his allegiance should lie and get tested throughout the series. Will he be willing to be used as a tool to conquer the World? Or will he stand up on his own to save the World from its dark reign?

The Last Kingdom

If you are into historical fiction that depicts the life and important lessons of the past, the Last Kingdom is the right pick for you. It portrays the horrors of war humanity had endured in past and how love, understanding, and respect paved its way to unite the World and become whole again. It also shows how we can overcome any chaos by uniting forces and respecting as well as settling our differences for the common good.

Wynonna Earp

If you’re fond of strange, eerie, and magical things like Demons, characters back from the ‘dead’ and weird half snake/half plant thingies; TV show Wynonna Earp must be the right choice. The story feels gripping and excellently written backed with a remarkable cast. What’s also great about the story is that it also promotes the LGBT community and helps promote equality!


Salem is probably one of the most underrated TV shows in Hollywood but, in reality, it’s a brilliant masterpiece that should get more exposure than it deserves. Salem is ultimately about witch trials, including the witch named Mary who is extremely charismatic and manipulative. It has a touch of dark turmoil like the one in Game of Thrones but Salem also tackles fight between good and evil and how Mary, who’s been exposed to the dark cruel world throughout her life, would change to become better.


Shiri Appleby as Rachel in Unreal

At first glance, this may not be like Game of Thrones but you’ll see Westeros’ power of manipulation, backstabbing, and power moves in here that also depict the dark reality of the world. What’s great about this series though is that it will teach you lessons in life on how to overcome shortcomings. How you can maintain yourself pure and be still in the Good team despite the challenges and betrayal you’ve encountered.


Of course, who doesn’t know about Supernatural? It’s a great story about two gorgeous brothers fighting against demons with an ultimate goal to save humanity. It has wonderfully-crafted story arcs, diverse characters, and an accurate representation of occult. Supernatural has 10 seasons as of now so you can binge-watch it without even knowing that the one-year waiting is already done and watching Game of Thrones again is up for grabs!

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