Even though you probably have your own fashion style, you have to check these popular lifestyle blogs. They are full of practical advises and you may even wish to add some new details to your own style.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” — Lee Odden


HBFIT stands for ‘health, beauty, and fitness.’ To inspire and motivate people to choose fitness as their hobby, Hannah Bronfman launched this site. Today, she is one of the most influential online fitness bloggers in the world.

On her blog, there are many tips and life hacks about fitness and diet that many people should read. On the other hand, if you are into makeup and beauty products, HBFIT is a great fit for you. Apart from tips for women, there are also many tips for men. Men will probably like the diet plans published on the blog. Additionally, HBFIT gives many wellness pieces of advice and tasty weight-loss recipes.

 The Blonde Salad

In 2015, The Blonde Salad fashion blog became a magazine re-launched by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli. It has had $8 million of revenue by 2015. The Blonde Salad is based in Los Angeles and has expanded to a team of 16 people. Recently, it has caught the attention of luxurious brands including Dior and Burberry. Today, Chiara Ferragni is one of the highest paid bloggers in the world. Only on Instagram, she has about 8 million followers. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, people, talents, and even shopping are the categories that this site has now.

 Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is a New York-based website, founded in 2007 by Joanna Goddard. It is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs on the web.  The site covers fashion, beauty, food, travel, and relationship stories. It wasn’t so successful in the beginning, but after a few years, it grew in monthly readers well into the millions.

This blog is one of those that makes you come back every day to get a daily dose of elegant fashion, tasty food, and traveling experiences. Today, it gets over 5 million monthly viewers, and for Goddard, it is a full-time job since the site makes a lot of money, and the majority of its revenue comes from advertising and continues to grow.

 Global Grasshopper

GlobalGrasshopper was named as one of the most innovative travel blogs of 2015, according to the Travel Channel, and the same situation was present in 2016 too. It is an award-winning blog, founded by Becky Moore. It provides readers with beautiful imagery from the unbelievable locations from all around the world.

There are many breathtaking images of beaches, hotel recommendations and destinations you have to visit in your lifetime, or even the next time you decide to travel. The blog started as a resource for independent travelers, especially for those who love photography.

 Happy Fit Mama

Happy Fit Mama was founded by Angela Bekkala, and it is one of those fitness blogs that can motivate anyone. Angela is a 37-years-old mother of twins living with her family in New Hampshire. She is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

The site is part of the BlogHer network, and its pieces of advice include workout routines, yoga, tasty recipes, and even running coach services.

 Style Bubble

Style Bubble was one of the first fashion blogs which became widely popular. It was founded by a journalist Susanna Susie Lau. She has been named to the LVMH Prize’s expert panel and had collaborations with brands like Armani, Gap, and Dr. Martens.

 Shine by three

Shine by three is an ultra-popular blog founded by Margaret Zhang. Apart from updating her blog, she has been styling and shooting editorials for Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar Australia. She also sometimes works as a consultant for brands like Yeezy and Swarovski.

 We wore that

We wore that was founded by a 23-year-old girl from New York. Her name is Danielle Bernstein, and she started her blog as an undergrad at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Last year, she made headlines when stated that she could make up to $15,000 for a single Instagram post. Today, she has much more followers than last year, and we wonder how much she could earn now. We wore that has recently collaborated with Nike and Amazon Fashion.


Bryanboy was founded by Bryan Grey who was one of the first bloggers who became famous for writing about fashion. He is the Philippines native and former “America’s Next Top Model” judge,  who had many collaborators in menswear and womenswear, including Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Valentino. Among all of these bloggers mentioned here, Bryan Grey has the largest Twitter audience – more than 584,000 followers at the moment.

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