In Kabul, Afghanistan, a perfectly normal newborn with blond hair was named after Donald Trump by parents who hoped that some of the billionaire’s good luck will rub off on their son’s future. On the contrary, the poor name choice only brought more misfortune to the family.

Afghan Baby Named After Trump

Asadullah Poya playing with his 18-month-old son whose name is Donald Trump

Baby Donald Trump had been exceptionally sensitive from the time he was in his mother’s womb. Whenever his mother was sad or distressed, he would turn and kick in her womb all night. Soon, on a rainy September day, it was time for him to come into the world.

In the small village which was about to become his home, there were no doctors, hospitals, or midwives so, with the help of a neighbor’s wife from one of the village’s 200 adobe homes, the newborn finally came out into his mother’s loving arms. The child with fair skin and blond hair, atypical of the usual Afghani characteristics, was named after the U.S. president Donald Trump.

Little Trump isn’t the American son of Fred and Mary Trump; unlike the popular real-estate-mogul-turned-politician, he wasn’t born in the free world and he definitely isn’t entitled to millions in inheritance from his rich father. He is the third child born to poor parents Sayed Assadullah and Jamila who have spent their entire lives in a small adobe home in Kabul’s dusty village.

Father Believed that the Name Would Bring the Family Good Luck

At the time of the infant’s birth, the political tycoon Donald Trump had just been nominated by the Republican Party to run for the presidential elections. Being one of the biggest admirers of Trump and his real estate legacy, Assadullah decided to name his third child after his idol, hoping that little Trump would grow up to become as rich and successful as the man he was named after.

Despite having a college degree, Assadullah’s only source of earning is a small piece of land in the village where he grows almonds. It is a business that has been handed down for generations from his grandfather to his father and from his father to him. But he doesn’t want the same fate for his children. Assadullah has read many books on Trump, watched his election campaign on his small television set powered by solar panels which were recently provided to the village by an NGO. Before that, there was no electricity in Assadullah’s home.

The Name Stirs Anger in the Village

Asadullah Poya and his 18-month-old son named Donald Trump

After the Afghani newborn was given his controversial name, most of the villagers and family members turned against the family. The good-luck Assadullah had hoped for after naming his son Donald Trump turned into a misfortune for the poor family. So much that the neighbors decided to kick them out of their village, threatening to kill them if they ever came back.

The family is now forced to live in an expensive rental flat in Kabul, away from the death threats of their relatives and the villagers. In an interview with the news agency, Assadullah introduced his son to the cameras and explained why he decided to name the young boy after the powerful business tycoon. Prior to the birth, Assadullah had read the book How to Get Rich written by Trump himself, which showcased his journey as a self-made billionaire.

With little Trump playing in his lap, Assadullah said that he admires the hard work of the current U.S. President – hence he decided to name his third son after him, hoping that it would have a positive impact on his future. It was also the physical resemblance between the newborn and Donald Trump which inspired the name idea: both of them have blond hair.

Are the Parents’ Intentions Genuine?

Afghan baby named Donald Trump at his rental flat in Kabul

For 10 days, the infant didn’t have a name. It is a common tradition in Afghanistan to let the grandparents decide a name for a newborn child but Assadullah and his wife want to deviate from the norm and take matters into their own hands. But the move was so dangerous that the couple had to hide it from the family and rest of the villagers.

When the couple finally decided to make the news public, they were mocked and ridiculed by everyone around them, but the humor of the situation quickly subsided, replaced with fury from Assadullah’s parents who could not stand their grandson being called Donald Trump. To avoid the wrath of their families, the couple moved to the city. However, their trouble was far from being over. In Kabul, the family was repeated interrogated by the ID verification authorities who threatened to send Asadullah to the intelligence agency for interrogation.

Many critics are claiming that the move was carefully planned by the couple to attract attention and make a valid case for seeking asylum abroad.

Are you convinced by Assadullah’s story or do you think the move was planned to fulfill his personal agenda?

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