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Apple Discloses Major Issue with iPhone X Hardware Despite Its Discontinuation!

Recently, Apple made the highly controversial decision to desist from releasing data of its sales to the public, which led to multiple assumptions that the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XS might be having issues in terms with their hardware.

Indeed, though the new direction by Apple comes at a premature time, the company will now have to publicly admit that there are a number of major problems in terms of hardware with their new models.

Problems with the Display

On its official website, the company has cautioned customers that the iPhone X models might have uses with their touch component which might result in failure of the display model.

Indeed, Apple has further stated that the display, or a section of it, might not be responsive to touch intermittently.

Additionally, the display may also react even if it was not touched. Interestingly, Apple has excluded its proverbial line that only a small percentage of the new set of devices would be affected.

Which goes against its traditional norm of including this infamous line following the massive debacle the company had with its MacBook Butterfly keyboard.

The only positive news from this affair is that display issues are relatively easy to notice, and if your iPhone X starts acting up, then the company, or one of Apple’s Authorized Service Provider for a free of charge replacement on the display module for eligible devices.

Additionally, if you have already purchased the replacement service, you can also mention the request of a refund so that you get it.

Apple is having issues with the display feature of their iPhone X

You Might Have to Pay Extra

That being said, Apple has cautioned iPhone X owners that if their iPhone X has any damages that hinder the repair process of the display, for example a damaged screen, they will have to first resolve the issue prior to accessing the display replacement service.

In such a circumstance, there might be an additional cost that comes along with the repair.

Nevertheless, such an instance would require plenty of consideration primarily because iPhone repair costs are extremely expensive and what might seem like a small dent, Apple might insist on a repair that might cost you thousands of dollars because they wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Especially in a situation whereby an Apple consumer does not have AppleCare insurance!

Apple repairs are known to be notoriously expensive and can rise to thousands of dollars

You Will Be Subjected to a Forced Update as Well

Moreover, Apple will also ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS prior to returning it back to you.

Nonetheless, there have been increasing concerns regarding bugs that are being found in iOS 12.1.

However, there’s no way that you will be able to continue using your iPhone with a faulty display simply to avoid having your software upgraded, right?

Indeed, another notable warning that Apple has recently issued with regard to its hardware effects is tied to massive hardware faults that are currently affecting the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone X.

With such a track record, it would mean that the confidence in iPhone’s new set of phones is going to be considerably low.

Nevertheless, the iPhone X has been discontinued as a result of its close resemblance and feature similarity to the iPhone XS

Why Apple Discontinued Making the iPhone X

When Apple released the iPhone X to the public in 2017, there was a lot of debate that this would be the greatest smartphone that the company has ever manufactured.

Indeed, the phone came with unique features such as a high-end camera, and Face ID.

Unfortunately, one year later, Apple decided to pull the plug on the phone that ushered in their 10th Anniversary and marked a change in the way the company named its new releases to the market.

As a matter of fact, if you try to search for the iPhone X on the company’s website, the server automatically redirects you to a landing page that shows you the company’s new releases in the iPhone genre.

So why did the company discontinue the iPhone X? One compelling theory could be due as a result of its pricing.

The iPhone XS has a similar starting price to the iPhone X, meaning that to convince users, the company would have to sell the iPhone X at a discountable price to ensure that people would be interested in the phone.

Additionally, both phones have nearly identical features in design, with the XS being a refinement of the X.

Indeed, it made sense to the company to pull the plug on the X.

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