Athletes Kids All Grown Up – Try Not To Smile When You See Them Now

People love sports, and they usually praise every sport’s top athletes. Being an athlete can be a pretty time-consuming and exhausting job (which at least rewards you with huge earnings), but many of these sports stars have managed to make a family of their own. Have you ever wondered what their kids are up to though? Surprisingly, not all of them opt to pursue the same career as their star fathers did, and some of them decided to pave their own way to success, filling their bank account through their own means. Now, let’s check out some of the biggest athletes’ kids and their career of choice.

Marcus Jordan – Michael Jordan’s Son – Shoe Store Owner

Michael Jordan is the absolute basketball God, and after leading the Chicago Bulls to iconic wins, he’s still praised for his unique playstyle and his unparalleled basketball talents. His son Marcus’ business plan though has nothing to do with basketball. While Marcus did play for the UCF Knights college team, in 2016, he decided to establish his own business – a shoe store in Disneyland called Trophy Room. His father has totally supported his decision, without pressuring him to follow in his footsteps. Michael is a legendary player, and even more – a legendary dad!

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