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Barack Obama Meets Prince Harry & Opens up About Life Outside the White House

Barack Obama recently did a rare interview with UK’s Prince Harry for BBC Radio 4 where he talked about life after presidency and several important issues including health reforms and the use of social media by political leaders.

Prince Harry guest-editing the BBC Radio 4’s special transmission with former President Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s life outside the White House

Last week Prince Harry guest-edited the BBC Radio 4’s special transmission with former President Barack Obama where the two discussed the current political climate in the U.S. as well as Obama’s new daily routine after leaving the world’s toughest job of a president. When Prince Harry asked him what was different about his life outside the White House now, Obama responded jokingly that he finally had the luxury to wake up whenever he wanted.

He added that he is finally the one in control of his schedule and it feels wonderful to have the time to pursue his own hobbies and do as he pleases. Being a president of a country like the United States is undoubtedly the toughest and the most stressful job in the world but Obama said that he wasn’t relieved in the least bit to leave his office because he still deeply cares about the same issues that he used to while he was the Commander-in-Chief.

He told Prince Harry that the country’s well-being, children’s rights to decent education, health care and jobs are still very important to him and even though he no longer has the same legislative power he used to for bringing the necessary change, he will still continue to fight for the causes that he has always stood by as long as he is alive.

Looking back at his presidency

Obama admitted that he did make several mistakes during his presidency 

Leaving the White House after eight years of presidency was definitely one of the toughest moments for Obama. He had built a special relationship with the people on his team and the staff that worked in the White House.

When asked about what he missed the most about his job, the former president responded that having the ability to make decisions that could change the lives of millions – in both good and bad ways – was the one thing that he never took for granted.

Obama admitted that he did make mistakes during his presidency and despite his efforts, things didn’t always turn out the way he wanted them to but that doesn’t mean that he had a bad run. Some of his policies were able to ensure health, safety and security for those who otherwise would not be able to survive.

Knowing that a mother out there had access to health care for her sick son or someone else was no longer in harm’s way because of his decisions, was the most rewarding aspect of his job. He was fortunate enough to have a team of exceptionally smart and trustworthy people around him who had the same intentions as he did when it came to the well-being of America.

Obama’s views on leadership and social media

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has criticized Obama and his administration with every chance that he has gotten, but the opportunity came for Obama to strike back at his successor, he chose not to explicitly speak about him although he did have a warning message for political leaders who used social media as a tool to convey their message to the world.

Former president said that it is quite common for people to speak on the internet with a biased perspective which can be a dangerous practice for those in leadership. He stressed the importance of creating a common space on social media that represents different views and opinions in order to achieve political and social harmony.

 Obama said that he is at peace with himself for doing the right thing for as long as he was in power and now is time for him to enjoy long breakfasts and spend quality time with his family 

Obama said that his health reform was one of his greatest works as a president which provided insurance for over 20 million people and saved many lives, and although something in his tone indicated that all his hard work was now left undone by the new administration, he is at peace with himself for doing the right thing for as long as he was in power. It is now time for him to sit back, enjoy long breakfasts and spend quality time with his family – something that he hardly got the chance to do during his presidency.

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