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You Could Become Kate and William’s Neighbor If You Fulfill This Strange Royal Condition

Who wouldn’t want to live next door to the Cambridge couple? Imagine receiving a royal kitchen gift basket as a housewarming gift. Wouldn’t that be one for the archives? It could even be elevated to a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, but that’s beside the point.

Kate and William would love to have you as their neighbor 🙂

A Very Real Possibility

Being neighbors to the royals is, however, a very real possibility seeing as the house across Prince William and Duchess Kate’s Norfolk’s residence has just been listed as being available for renting, Metro reports.

That Kensington Palace is the couple’s main residence doesn’t mean that they don’t live elsewhere. When they are not busy with their official obligations, Kate and William coop up at Anmer Hall, which by the way, was the Queen’s wedding gift to them.

Kensington Palace is the couple’s main residence

As you may very well know, the country house is in Sandringham Estate, one of Her Majesty’s private residences. Thirteen pieces of property surround the said estate, and the Queen has made them available to interested parties who rent them out for a relatively reasonable fee.

It just so happens that a two-bedroom house is now vacant, and if you’re interested, you could live at 20 Cherry Tree in Anmer for just $850 monthly. Reasonable, don’t you think? Considering the residence’s location, this rent is most definitely a bargain.

All the same, being the Queen’s tenant means that there are some rules to follow. You wouldn’t expect anything less would you? If you didn’t know, there are no cats allowed in any of her properties. Sorry cat lovers L The policy isn’t as strict for dogs, but that depends on the particular house you’re moving into.

Additionally, the Queen is playing favorites. According to the listing, applications from individuals either living or working in Norfolk will be considered first, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else will be locked out. You never know, right? Send in that application then J

It Should Be Fun

The one thing that’s for sure is that living next to Kate and William should be fun, if we are to go by reports from those who have been neighbors to the Sussex couple. There’s almost always something going on with the royals, and seeing as they are overly friendly and social, why wouldn’t they be the best neighbors anyone could ask for?

As for the actual cottage, 20 Cherry Tree comes newly refurbished. It features a large garden, and for your machine, you get an off-street parking space. The listing warns of steep stairs, so you’d better watch out for that.

The cottage comes newly refurbished

And although those living in Norfolk will be prioritized, the listing explains that the property won’t be rented out on the basis of “first come, first served.” Instead, the 2-bedroom residence will be home to the tenant who’s best suited for it. Interested applicants are advised to visit the Sandringham Estate website, fill out an application form and await further communication.

There’s actually a lot to look forward to if you’re hoping to land the house. Anmer may be a small village but it is packed with fun. There’s a social club in the locale, with amenities such as movie nights, barbecues, and quiz evenings. Are you excited yet?

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