Being always tired even if you haven’t been working much is a serious sign that you have been doing something wrong when it comes to the question of your eating habits. Fatigue can also be caused by sleeping problems, allergies, depression, stress, anemia or even alcohol. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very common thing in the major cities among the people between the ages of 25 and 45. It generally starts with symptoms that usually go with the flu, and it could last more than six months.

“Fatigue roughens up the edges of your nerves; it exposes your fears and your weaknesses.”  June Havoc

One could first try using some vitamin supplements, but if they couldn’t help in resolving the problem, then you should try some of these things:

  • Have a quality sleep, six or ten hours long.
  • Don’t eat too much, nor too little.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  • Exercise at least two times a week.
  • Avoid using cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee.
  • Always eat breakfast.
  • Never combine energy drinks and alcohol.

Foods that relieve fatigue


Chocolate is the first thing we take when we are depressed or feeling sad. It has a lot of fats and sugar, which is the reason we become ‘happy’ after eating it. You should always take dark chocolate rather than any other because it has antioxidant properties. Still, don’t take too much of it since it has many calories – only 20 to 30 grams of it daily is quite enough for the effect we want to achieve.


Bananas are famous for the amount of carbohydrates they contain. They also have amino acids, which are known to boost the formation of serotonin, an anti-depressant hormone. You don’t have to eat much of it. Just one banana per day is enough since it contains a high amount of nutrients like potassium.


Since a fatigue can be caused by the lack of iron in your body, any kind of red and white meat will help you prevent anemia. Also, these types of meat contain an amino acid known as tryptophan. This amino acid influences the increase in the level of serotonin in your body, and we have already mentioned it as the happy hormone. On the other hand, fish is also recommended since it has a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.


When it comes to the question of bread you use, it is advisable that you always buy whole multi-grains because of the high level of healthy carbohydrates. The amount of B complex vitamins you get with these kinds of bread is high. Therefore, you should always eat bread for your breakfast. The usual amount of food required daily is three slices per meal if you want to lose weight, or 6 if you don’t.


Oatmeal is full of B-complex vitamins, which give you energy throughout the day. Children and people who are often under stress should eat this type of food. Still, individuals who want to lose weight should eat it in small amounts. Two large tablespoons a day is enough, and it is best to take it for breakfast.


In walnuts, there are a lot of calories, but there is also a high amount of omega 3 and B vitamins. Only two handfuls a day is a recommended amount to be taken by people who suffer from chronic fatigue. This amount is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight. Still, if you are not overweight and feel the need for this type of food, you could take even more than two handfuls a day.

Chia Seeds

If your body lacks Omega 3 and Omega 9, then this is the right food for you. There are also some other nutrients in chia seeds, which make them a great food to get rid of fatigue and tiredness. You can combine them with other kinds of meals such as soups,  salads, and cakes. The recommended daily amount is two tablespoons.


Pasta is energy-filled food and thus a favorite food for athletes. It has a lot of carbohydrates, so overweight people should not eat a plate of pasta more than twice a week. Whole wheat noodles are highly recommended.


Lentils are full of iron and carbohydrates. This food should be eaten with the addition of vitamin C for the better advantage of vegetable iron. You could simply take an orange or lemon juice after the meal, and that would be enough concerning the level of vitamin C.

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