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When Is The Best Time to Buy Airplane Tickets?

Whether we are going on a vacation or traveling for business, we all want to save a little money and get the best possible tickets. We all know that airline tickets aren’t exactly cheap, not to mention if you’re going to a really far place, so every discount, no matter how big or small, will go a long way.

So, if you’re planning on visiting the folks at your hometown or maybe going overseas for vacation, now we have some tips and tricks on how to save on airline tickets and when the best time to buy airplane tickets is.

Do Not Book A Flight Too Early Or Too Late

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Always try to book the flight at the time when it’s not too crowded.

If you book a last minute flight, then you will surely need to pay a lot of money, but even if you book a flight too early then you might also have to pay a lot of money. Here are some tips on when is the ideal time to book a flight. If it’s a flight within the United States, then it’s best to book a flight about 3 months before your departure. If you are going overseas then the ideal time to book a flight is 5 and half months before your departure. During peak travel seasons such as June, July and August; Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year’s where airlines are the busiest, the ideal time to buy plane tickets is around 2 months before your desired departure. They say that if you’re planning on flying for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should buy your tickets before October 30.

Buy Your Ticket on A Tuesday

The best day to shop for an airplane ticket in the United States is on a Tuesday. The reason is that a lot of airlines in the United States usually release new weekly plane ticket sales on Tuesdays, around 3pm eastern time, and because of this, other competitors will try to match the sales which in turn becomes a good thing for customers because we will have a lot of sales to choose from.

Days That Are Cheapest To Fly

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If flying from United States, the cheapest days for buying a ticket are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The days that are usually cheapest to fly in the United States are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you are flying overseas, then it is usually a lot cheaper if your departure date is on a weekday because weekends are more expensive. It usually costs more if your flight is on a Friday or a Sunday, and that goes especially if you are in the United States. A good tip is to book your flight during times that people don’t usually want to fly. The cheapest times of day to fly are usually really early in the morning like before dawn, during lunch time and during dinner time.

Always Check All Airlines For The Best Deal

Whenever you’re shopping, you should always check other store, not just your favorite store. You might be missing out on some amazing deals, and shopping for an airplane ticket is the same. Don’t just look at your favorite airlines and then immediately book a flight; you should check other airlines in order to find the cheapest prices and the best deals. If you don’t compare the prices of different airlines, then you might be paying too much while there is a better deal at a different airline and you don’t even have any idea.

Save Money With Connecting Flights

Connecting flights will save you more money and time.

A non-stop flight will let you save time and be more comfortable since you wouldn’t have to change multiple times, but even though connecting flights is less convenient, they will be able to save you a lot of money. Before booking a trip, always check and compare the prices for a non-stop flight, and connecting flights for your destination. If you’re fine with having a little longer travel time, then connecting flight is a great way to save a lot of money on travel expenses, so you can spend more time on your vacation doing other fun stuff.

Here’s a list of great Thanksgiving and Christmas destinations and ideas where you could take the family for some needed R&R. You have more tips on how to save money on tickets? We’d love to hear them in the comments below…

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