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Beyond Reality: Real Life Applications of Virtual Reality

When we talk about virtual reality, the first thing that comes to our mind is turning a game, video, or graphical environment into reality either by a hologram or augmented reality. We see augmented reality as a new console for games or technology we’re already adapting in digital world. It ranges from virtual concerts, virtual art, virtual shopping, and now even the newly launched iPhone X. But did you know that the virtual reality technology doesn’t only apply to games? In fact, there are a lot of areas and industries in which we’re adapting this technology in everyday life. Here are the real life applications of virtual reality that you probably didn’t know even existed.

Roller Coaster with a Twist

Six Flags over Texas Rollercoaster.

Did you enjoy the thrill of going up and down on a rollercoaster twist during your childhood days, but somehow finding it not that interesting now that you’re an adult? Well, it’s about time we upgrade your awesome experience by putting some twists! The famous Six Flag over Texas had equipped their roller coaster ride, named Shockwave, with virtual reality. The riders are given a VR headset which enables them to experience a different type of a thrill while having a ride. When you wear the headset, you are brought in a new world where you pilot jet fighters and fight with the alien invaders. In every up and down you experience in the rollercoaster ride, you can feel like your spaceship is actually moving.

To Ease Your Pain

DeepStream VR developing VR App to battle chronic pain

DeepStream VR developing VR App to battle chronic pain

Virtual Reality applications had reached the medical field too. A healthcare company called  DeepStream VR  is currently developing a project that uses VR immersion to help combat short-term and chronic pain. The environment they developed is peaceful enough and enables the users to feel relaxed and soothe their nerves. If they’re stressed, it also helps patients unwind their minds and the physical discomfort they’ve felt. The main concept here is to help stimulate your brain to reduce the pain by interacting with a peaceful, calming VR world.

To Experience the Story of Jesus Christ

Autumn Productions and VRWERX Recreates Passion of the Christ

Autumn Productions and VRWERX Recreates Passion of the Christ

You don’t really need to be religious just to believe this one. Some people who are devout Christians and fond of re-watching Passion of the Christ, can now experience the sacrifice of Messiah and everything he had done to save the world. The Autumn Productions and VRWERX had created a 90-minute retelling of the New Testament. With its 360 degrees video, you get to experience Christ’s birth, death, resurrection, and even turning the water into wine. It’s too bad, though, the technology is still far away from enabling you to drink the wine in real life!

To Preserve the Integrity of a Crime Scene

 Staffordshire University Developing VR to Preserve Crime Scene

Staffordshire University Developing VR to Preserve Crime Scene

Investigations conducted in crime scene sometimes take too long (even forever) to solve because the detectives and investigators are trying their best to preserve all the evidence and recreate the actual crime scene as real as possible. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, civilians accidently clean up the evidence, even though the crime scene is taped with a police line, making it harder for you to foresee everything. Aside from that, the conflicting statements between the suspect and the victim can change the course of your investigation. You wouldn’t know who to believe until you’ve cleared the victim and identify the suspect.

Well, it seems our detectives won’t have to deal with the hassle anymore because Staffordshire University had started developing a VR app that enables to record and preserve the crime scene the first time the police had found it. This perfect recreation of the crime scene will help eliminate time and human error, as the university had envisioned this project to become the future of the justice system.

To Swap Bodies With Opposite Gender

Have you watched the critically acclaimed Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) animated film movie? If not, the male and female protagonists of the movie had switched their bodies there. If you want such an experience, you can now achieve it by using VR. This allows you to experience the opposite gender’s bodies and understand how it works (e.g. you will now understand why your girlfriend gets PMS every time she’s on her period). This Gender Swap experiment was conducted by BeAnotherLab and the process entails both users wearing a VR helmet that inputs the sensory perception to the other user. By synchronizing both of your bodies, it would give you an illusion that you have somehow swapped your bodies.

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