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Biblical Prophecy Claims Planet X is Coming to Wipe Out Our Planet THIS Month

Look, Planet X is back! No, not the planet which was supposed to kill us in 2003, or in 2012, or in 2017 – we actually meant the recycled doomsday prophecy that has appeared in headlines once again with a brand-new end-of-the-world date.

According to numerologists and various biblical prophecies, the rogue planet may be headed towards us once again next week, giving us only a few more days to live. Meanwhile, space agencies and scientists are struggling to locate this mythical ‘Planet X’ that seems to exist nowhere in our solar system. So, who is telling the truth?

Another Doomsday Prediction

A famous apocalypse predictor named William Miller who prophesized a number of end-of-the-world dates in the 1800s – none of which have come true so far, by the way – also mentioned April 23 as the date when doomsday officially kicks off with the return of Jesus Christ.

Many of the doomsday predictions in the past have revolved around the mythical ‘Planet X’ but none of them have come true so far

Miller’s last failed prediction was for October 22, 1844, which will forever be remembered as day of ‘The Great Disappointment’, or the day when the entire world anticipated their lord and savior to appear in the skies.

Now, another confused doomsday predictor named David Meade who has already made one failed prophesy for September 23, 2017, the day he claimed that the stars would align in a way that would lead to passage of Planet X by Earth, is now ‘predicting’ a number of cataclysmic changes which may eventually bring the return of Jesus Christ.

It’s Planet X Again…

Now Meade has pegged a new doomsday date with more of the same prediction as last time. His newest claim suggests that Jupiter will align with the Sun and the Moon within the constellation of Virgo on April 23, 2018, as confirmed by the Biblical Revelation 12:1-2 which predicts that ‘a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head’ will give birth to an evil dictator who will play the role in bringing the world to an end.

Meade says that the Constellation of Virgo represents that ‘woman’ referenced in the Biblical text whereas planet Jupiter is a sign of Jesus Christ’s arrival.

Meade’s last prediction was also based on the same Biblical Revelation, although in the previous case, he claimed that the planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury would align with the sun.

The scientists have dismissed the Meade’s claims by proving that it would be impossible for the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter to align since they lie in different constellations. Contrary of Meade’s beliefs, Jupiter will appear within the constellation of Libra instead of Virgo on April 23 whereas the Sun and the Moon will appear to align with Constellations of Aries and Gemini respectively.

NASA has repeatedly debunked Planet X conspiracy theories by declaring that no such planet exists in our solar system

The Mythical Planet May Not Even Exist

While Meade is completely confident about his doomsday theory, astronomers aren’t sure that the Planet X from Meade’s prophecy even exists. Ever since the prophecy first surfaced in the 90s, scientists have been looking at all possibilities in our outer solar system to find a planet that matches the description provided by Nancy Lieder, a doomsday theorist who was the first one to float the idea of ‘Planet X’.

She predicted that it would come close to Earth in 2003 causing volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and destructive storms. Since then, Planet X has been used in almost every failed doomsday prediction including the infamous 2012 Maya apocalypse. Conspiracy theorists even believe that NASA already knows about the existence of such planet but is hiding the truth from us.

Astronomers say that if there was a rogue planet in our solar system, they’d be able to easily spot it – especially if it was hurling towards Earth like most doomsday predicters have claimed in the past. In 2015, astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin began searching for the mythical Planet X and hypothesized that there could theoretically be a planet farther away from Pluto with an orbit 20 times larger than ours, but the research is simply based on simulations and mathematical assumptions since no one has actually seen this giant planet.

Do you think the conspiracy theorists could be onto something with the prediction of a rogue planet coming to destroy Earth in the near future?

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