The festive season brings with it spectacular cheers coupled with a time to enjoy family moments. Indeed, our celebrities are not being left behind in these festivities!

Though we must admit that they might be up to something way more grandiose than what we are used to as regulars.

That being said, here are some of the biggest names in the celebrity game and what they have been up to this festive season!

The Hadids

At the Hadid household, a large portion of the festive season will center around Bella and Gigi’s culinary skills.

When quizzed in December 2017 by Miss Vogue, Bella informed the magazine that her sister Gigi loves to lead the season in the kitchen, while she prefers to focus on the baking aspect of the setup.

Indeed, the two watch plenty of the Food Network and incorporate whatever they see in the kitchen, with the hopes that they will turn out as amazing as the channels show.

In fact, food and family time play an important role in the lives of the superstar models.

Additionally, Bella quipped that she can’t recall the last time she had created a wish-list for Christmas. For her, the season centers mainly around spending time with family, staying away from work, and enjoying the time that she gets to ride her horses.

Indeed, Christmas is a great time to enjoy and have a good time.

The Beckhams

When it comes to the Beckhams, the festive season is geared intensely towards the kids.

According to an interview that Victoria Beckham had with Vogue in December of 2017, she informed the magazine that Christmas Day in her household becomes a fantastic day for kids with dozens of wrapping paper in the house as well as absolute chaos!
Indeed, the massive preparations have Victoria so busy that she rarely has time to get ready because of all the unboxing that she’s doing, as well as taking time aside to search for Harper’s toys.

Additionally, Victoria confesses that for her family, the festivities continue well past Christmas Day, and she’s particularly fond of New Year’s Eve.

As a matter of fact, the mother of four loves to spend time with her children on New Year’s Eve.

That being said, it’s still a great time for her to get dressed, let her hair down, and have some fun with her family.

Indeed, her and David spend so much time traveling and working that they rarely get enough time to be together as a whole family.

The Kravitz

Interestingly, on Christmas, Zoe takes it as an important time to switch off her phone, and enjoy some personal times.

For her, the holidays are one of those precious times that she can take time off her busy schedule and enjoy a break, which she loves to do so especially with a holiday.

One of the things that she loves to do is make her annual visit to the Bahamas, the country that her father traces his origins.

When the two vacation together, they spend days chilling on the beach conversing with one another, drinking wine, and partaking in food together.

Additionally, when it comes to New Year’s Eve, the family celebrates the season close to a bonfire.

The Delevignes

The Delevignes are big fans of Christmas crackers. Indeed, it makes them jovial to put the angel at the top of the tree, making tree decorations, as well as opening stockings and gifts on the morning of Christmas.

As a matter of fact, Cara Delevigne shared with Vogue the previous year that putting carrots, and having a glass of whiskey as well as making mince pies is something that they enjoy!

The Kardashians/ Jenners

Indeed, Christmas is the most important time of the year, as per info revealed by Kendall Jenner to Miss Vogue the previous year.

Kendall further revealed that she was an absolute geek for Christmas festivities and enjoys it when everyone eats, drinks, and is in a merry mood!

That being said, preparing for Christmas at their household is not as easy as everyone might believe as the family has to shop for the multitude of relatives that they have.

For her, the most amazing holiday would be one where she is surrounded with her loved ones, and enjoying the good vibes!

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